Kinda dropped the ball with yesterday’s creative post didn’t I?!  Thanks for not throwing rotten tomatoes at me for that!  Following is my list of excuses:

1. Went hiking in the Grand Canyon with 4 other couples and forgot I had creative responsibilities.

2. Put a load of wash in and got mesmerized by the spin cycle and had to lay down.

3. All I can see on my desk is CHIPBOARD and samples I’m creating with that but can’t show you just yet, and can’t think about much else lately.

4. My schedule calendar is covered up by (you guessed it!) more chipboard, and I lost track of the month!

Choose any combo of the above and you’ll have about nailed it!

However!  In my recent move (and purge) (of craft supplies, not cookies and donuts) I pulled out a few things that I decided I MUST finally use or my scrap supply shopping license would be revoked.  These bright colored alphabet brads from Michaels were at the top of the stack.  Sometimes when I want to bust my stash it helps to gather a bunch of coordinating elements (in this case paper and embellies) and make a whack of cards.

And because sometimes life gets in the way of 24-7 scrapping, these brads sat out for a day or two and when I came back to get down to business I found that someone had been messing with my toys and left me this little message…

img_3551All together now…AWWWW???


With the exception of the gold foil stars and sequins (Studio Calico) on the last card, and the heart shaped enamel dots (WeR Memory Keepers) on second-last “thanks” card, ALL of the embellies on these cards came from way old stash that has been tossed in a large pie dish where I keep random bits that are too good to get rid of but no longer have a home.



This “I Miss You” card was made up of the last of the alphabet brads and their color combination didn’t entirely please me, so I did what I’ve been doing to everything lately….giving it a coat of silver spray paint!  Awesome, right?!




What I love about this kind of play, is that when you focus on one particular supply – the colored brads in this case – pulling supporting pieces together to complete each card becomes so much quicker and easier.  Most often it’s about color.  Pulling colored elements together is a very good way to have a project almost create itself!


And so, with that magnificent dent made in my Use It Up Or Throw It Out pile, I am headed off to do some more scrappy shopping!

But wait!

You thought I was kidding about spraying everything with metallic spray paint!  I’m actually going a little crazy with it!  Y’know those colorful plastic alphabet magnets we’ve all had on the fridge door for our kids to play with?  Or played with ourselves years ago?

Saw this on Pinterest.

Had. To. Make.

First a coat of primer for plastic and then all about the gold and silver!!


Then I sent this photo to my kids.

The girl wants the gold (no surprise there), and the boys like the silver.

(I found the magnets in the kitchen gadgets section of Walmart.)

img_3700psThanks for stopping by today!

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  • Love the cards  Norine and what a great way to use up old stash !!!  I think the I miss you card is my favourite.  Never thought to spray paint those plastic letters what a fun thing to do for a party or something on a welcome sign !!!!

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