Happy Hump Day!

Hi everyone!  Since I moved my scrap room and got it all set up, and then did a little photo shoot for to show all y’alls sometime down the road….I haven’t wanted to make anything and mess it all up!  Well, last night I finally started pulling things out and today it’s a fright.  But this is what the mess birthed so I guess it was worth it!

A while back I got some Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel Off Stickers from Lori (and there are a TON of cute designs!) so I started playing with them.  SO many cool ways to use them.  All I’d ever done with them before was to put the stickers on glossy card stock and then color them with Sakura Gel markers.  Fun enough, although the colors I owned limited my range a little.  But here are a couple of other fun options.

For this first card, I used some Sookwang adhesive paper.  I peeled off one side of release paper and laid the Outline sticker onto the (extremely sticky) adhesive paper.  (Don’t throw that release paper away yet though.)

peeloffs15Then I COVERED the whole piece with a SUPER MICRO FINE glitter.


WHY, exactly, I own this stuff, I have no idea.


It must be at least 1000 years old.  But I was pretty pleased to find it in my stash last night!  And it worked great for this application.  This stuff here, is what you want to use.  If you’re no friend of glitter, like me, I would suggest pouring the glitter onto a sheet of printer paper and pressing the sticker/adhesive face down into the glitter.  Less mess somehow.  Anyway, then you shake off the excess, lay the release paper back on the sticker and burnish it well.  Amazingly, very little glitter comes off after that!  So then I pulled out my Copic markers and started to color.  Again, little to no glitter shifted in the coloring and the glitter accepted the color like, well, like you see!  After I fussy-cut around the finished design it was ready to go onto a card.



The next card uses a PeelOffs sticker from the same set, and this time I laid it onto a piece of dictionary paper.


Again, I colored it with Copic markers (and last night when I was working under two burned out light bulbs, I was much more impressed with my coloring skills.  Today, not so much.  Room for improvement.  Good thing I have a few more of these stickers!) and I love the transparent effect that lets the print show through.  LOVE that.



And finally, I tried some peel off stickers on vellum.  These are old ones I had from years ago and it feels good to use them up in a fresh, fun way.  After I laid them onto a sheet of vellum, I used my Sharpie markers, (yes, Sharpies!) to color the ombre backgrounds.


I used 3 varying shades of red, orange and pink and colored on the back.  The cool thing is, you can lay down a patch of color and while its still wet, use your finger to smudge and smooth the color out.  The add the next color below it and with your finger, rub that color back up into the first shade.  Totally in love with this little technique.  I wonder if anyone else has discovered it? And I’ll admit that the Sharpies were the last resort after trying and not succeeding with either Copics or Tim Holtz distress markers.  If you have to raid your kids’ art supplies to try this, I don’t know a thing about it.



Needless to say I have a renewed crush on these Peel Off stickers and I’m thinking I need some more!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Hope you found some inspiration!

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  • Norine, I love the different way you used the peel off stickers !  Might have to add a few more to my collection now that I have seen yours in action !

  • Norine, these are fabulous!
    I have been showing them off in the store, and everyone is in love. 
    Can’t wait for more peel offs to come in. 
    Beautiful creativity!

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