Inka-Gold Biznezz.

Hi everyone!  Remember way back last fall, when Lisa showed us some cool things she did with Inka Gold, (here and here)?  Well, it kind of intrigued me, so I ordered some for myself recently, in cool colors I love, and sat down to play.  (The best kind of day!)


I started by smearing some color onto a craft mat and spritzing it with water.  Similar to the Tim Holtz Distress Ink technique where you make color puddles and drag your paper through it, I did that with plain white card stock.  The first papers picked up actual blobs of Inka Gold that dried with some dimension (bottom right).  And that subtle glimmer that dried with the color is just amazing!  The paper on the top left is the last one to be dragged through the paste puddle and has the most smooth/subtle coloration.


Then I started to play with the Inka Gold straight from the jar and rubbing it onto chipboard.  It blends very easily and gives a lovely result.

inkagold1I tried using a brush for a bit, and it worked, but not as well as my finger did.  I’m not crazy about getting messy when I craft, but this worked well enough, and was easily cleaned up so that made it worth it.


Next,  I tried using it with a stencil and palette knife.  That was fun!  Again, it was easy to blend the colors together for a very cool finish.



And it dried pretty quick.  The paper curled slightly, but nothing a couple hours under a heavy book couldn’t cure.



I haven’t used the flourish paper yet, but I know it’s going to make some fabulous cards.


I love this chevron designed stencil and it worked really well with the Inka Gold too.


Here’s the layout I made with that paper once it dried.



Love that texture and sheen, don’t you?



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  • I love this stuff!!!!!!  I do love how you used it on paper and how it is raised for extra dimension and layering 🙂

  • Fabulous layout Norine and I love the way different ways you used the inka gold.  I really like the colours I used on the frame when Lisa was showing it to us . . .maybe it is time to buy some

  • That is so lovely. I have to try that. Must get some of those Inka Golds. Thanks Norine. Easy to see why Lori has you on her design team.

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