On the go scrap booking…

Who doesn’t like getting together with friends for a night or a weekend of chatting, eating, general mayhem, and occasionally sticking some photos to paper??  I used to do this fairly often, although since our move, I mostly stay home to scrap.  However this summer, with the prospect of being away from home (read: from paper, glue and washi tape) for SIX weeks(?!) was giving me panic attacks.  Separation anxiety.  More psycho-labeling along that line.  Besides which I had a few assignments that weren’t going to get done before I left.  All that added up to: pack up some supplies and take it along!

So I did, and it has made me very happy.  For the times when I couldn’t actually spread everything out and create something, I could at least open the lids and sort through the pretty packages and re-arrange the papers and ‘scuze me, who needs therapy??

While I’m not so organized that I can post a pdf file of Your Most Needed Scrap Booking Supplies For the Road, I can show you some pictures of what I took, and how I set up.


Week 1 was spent at the EAA Airshow at Oshkosh, WI, in a tent, so conditions were only as ideal as the weather.  Which was mostly fantastic, thankfully.  (Mr B and I have decided to return to our camping roots, so we had fun going shopping for the latest and greatest in tents, collapsable chairs, sleeping bags, mattresses and fold-up tables!  We plan to travel in his small plane, so supplies have to be compact and light!)


I found some plastic bins at Michael’s (part of the Iris cart line), that snap closed but are transparent so you can see what’s inside.  I picked a small (7.5″x8″x2.5″) one to hold pens, pencils, stylus, ruler, small scissors, 5 types of adhesive (liquid, roller, glue dots, pop dots, and glue pen), 2 corner rounders (which I never even used), and a flash drive with photos.

In the larger bin (14″x17″x6″) I could store my Fiskars paper trimmer, a WHACK of paper, alpha stickers, my latest favorite embellishment packages, washi, twine, and some photos.  I made up a “kit” of coordinating supplies from my LiitD stash, and included as well, two months worth of kits that I have a subscription to.  Those are very handy as, (for the most part) they are coordinated too and that means you just choose a photo or 6 and you’re ready to preserve memories!!

And photos.  Lets talk about how to tote photos.  I have owned, loved and printed photos exclusively for the last two years, on an Epson PictureMate.  It’s a chunky little unit though (about 6″x6.6″x7.5″) and since space and weight was at a premium, I decided to get a new “travel” printer, that GET THIS! prints directly from your phone (with wifi and power).  How supremely genius is that!?  To be honest, I haven’t used the Canon Selphy CP900 enough yet to give you a creditable review, but I’m not unhappy with the quality so far, and it sure packs up easily at 7″x5″x2.5″!!  Besides being able to print from my phone, I loaded 2 years worth of photos onto a flash drive for easy toting.


One afternoon threatened to rain, but never did.  Still, I was snug inside, out of the sun, and happyhappyhappy.



onthego6In the following 5 weeks, my places to scrap were 3 different hotel rooms, my daughter’s dining room table and in the middle of a construction site at the cottage.  What I’ve posted in my last three blog posts, here, here and here, and still have to show you next week, was all created On the Go!  Not as tricky as I’d anticipated, at all!!

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