Lovely Peony

I think, if I could only have one, and had to choose between growing peonies or roses in my yard (not that I can do either here where I live) I would choose peonies.  They are such a classic, old country (old woman) bloom, and I just love them.  I always have.  Roses were flowers “other” people could grow.  But peonies were within the reach of even the most elementary gardener such as myself!

So you can imagine how quickly I clicked on “add to cart” when I saw these dies from Memory Box, in Lori’s store!

My first thought was to try cutting the background shape from paper that features large frowsy blooms like a peony’s.  And then cutting the detail layer from a solid paper that coordinated well.

Like this:


and this:


And then I got looking around my desk and seeing what else there was to cut the dies from and, well, vellum and a cheesecloth-like fabric fell into my hands.  And that too, produced beautiful results!


In the end, this is what I finished up by making into cards.


This vellum bloom is colored on the back with Copic markers, although the Tim Holtz or any others would do just as well.


The bloom on this card is made from 2 layers of vellum and one layer of cheesecloth, as well as the detail die, layered all backwards and upside down for extra edges.


This is a totally fun die set and one I can see I’ll be using a lot!  The possibilities are just endless!

I hope you’ve found something here to inspire YOU today too!

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