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Paul is an avid golfer, and he loves that we live so close to the Miami Golf and Country Club.  Me, not so much, I have gone out a few times, but I still haven’t quite got the *swing* of things.  This year, I am determined to go out and give it my all to see if I can get better at this sport, and also to see if I can understand the obsession with this game.

This year Paul was nominated for and accepted the position of Vice President for the Club.  He is looking forward to this, and hopes that the Club will have a successful year.  The Club does have a little pro shop, but I thought it would be cool to add a little something to it – something from us as a little donation.  Because Paul is so into this sport, I know how hard it is to find a golf themed card or gift card holder.  So, I have taken it upon myself to make and donate some cards for them to sell in their little Pro shop.

I started them this weekend, so far I have made 22 cards, and I would like to show you a few of them to get your feedback.

When you open this one up, it has a little envelope to insert a gift card, and it says *You’re Tee-Riffic*

This one says, Have a Happy Day, Have a Happy Day, Have a Happy One in a Million Day, Have a Happy Day on the inside.

This one is blank inside.

This one also says *You’re Tee-Riffic* on the inside with the same alphas.

This one is blank inside.

This one says *Remember your age is still lower than your score … Happy Birthday* on the inside of the card.


Update from the LIITD store – we are almost finished re-vamping the paper section – and then will be re-vamping the rest of the shopping page.  But, before we continue re-vamping the rest of the shopping page, we do have some new things to list.

Happy Thursday!

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