Christmas Cupcakes

We can’t have December daily blogging without a post dedicated to Christmas cupcakes.  There is so many different things that you can do to decorate them.  Let’s go see what we can find.

Isn’t this fabulous?  This is from Stephanie’s store right here, and the picture is from her personal blog right here.  We had one of Stephanie’s photos on our blog in 2008, and wanted to show what she has been up to since then.

I found these fabulous cupcakes right here.

Eggnog cupcakes, recipe here.

I found these cute gingerbread man cupcakes right here.

Hot cocoa cupcakes – how cool – find the recipe here.

I found this ever so cute one right here.

Made with whoppers, now these I think I could make, recipe here.

Pretty cute ornament cupcakes, I found these here.

Christmas tree cupcakes, recipe here.

Found these one over at Wilton, right here.

This cute little snowman was found right here.

I did finally buy a cupcake tree, not a big one, I just wanted a small one – it holds 13 cupcakes.  I do think that I will make some cupcakes for Christmas day, I think they might be welcomed – as I think I am the only one that will be eating that Christmas pudding.  Some of these cupcakes I have found look *do-able* to me – I do love the ones with fondant, but don’t think I would ever attempt them.

I think I will be looking around the store tomorrow evening to see what I can find to decorate some cupcakes – I think some whoppers and some Smarties will be on my list.  I have a few things to pick up, and I am hoping that will be my last trip to the store – well, except the grocery store – before Christmas.

Did you get a lot done this weekend?

0 thoughts on “Christmas Cupcakes

  • Oh I love those ideas – wish I had more time!!!
    Never got much done this weekend but sometimes that is a good thing – time with the guys!!!

  • I got 11 dozen perishke done yesterday 😉 I fit in two ringette games, one hockey game, one dance class (DH did the other one), a 9 mile run, and some Christmas shopping. And this year I am making peppermint bark but with a chocolate shortbread base for DS’s party tomorrow, so no cupcakes this time. Oh wait…I can still make them if I don’t have to cut out the boxes on my Cricut…hmmm…I will have to ask the boy 😉

  • I didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend.  I had 2 Christmas parties to go to, I did some laundry and just lazed around, a bit of scrapping….. 🙂

    I love cupcakes, as do my kids, I really should make some cute ones for Christmas Day!

  • Wow these are so cool Lori! So far I have made 20 dozen peroshke, peanut butter slice, mincemeat and butter tarts and peanut brittle. I just need to make one more batch of peroshke and some Almond Roca and that should be it for this year! I’ll save the cupcakes for when I’m retired!

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