captured memories

Happy Spring!! The weather has been quite nice lately, with it’s ups and downs as usual at this time of year. But last weekend I sat on my patio in a t-shirt on my birthday…that NEVER happens!! 🙂

The project I’m sharing today has been a work in progress for a few years. I made the fatal mistake of piecing ALL the bits without gluing them as I went…I don’t know why because that’s out of my norm, but it happened. The task of taking everything off to try & glue it down became a bit daunting so it got set aside. Thankfully I did take a photo so when I pulled it out of the bin I had a reference to use as I re-assembled (with glue this time).

The pieces that inspired this project were bits I salvaged from an old digital camera. Actually it was the camera that captured most of my children’s childhood. I was fairly attached to that camera and sad when it died. But through this piece of art I have salvaged some of those memories to keep with me!

For the base of this project I needed something strong to hold the weight of the bits so I used a Tim Hotlz Ideaology Framed Panel. Before assembling everything was treated to a coat of black gesso. The step of adding gesso, in black or white, preps the bits for paint, but it also makes all those random bits more uniform.

When you look close you will see and recognize some of the salvaged camera pieces, like the lens cap, shutter button and part of the lens itself! All the various metal embellishments add extra detail and beauty when mixed with my salvaged bits!

That photo was taken many years ago as part of an LIIITD forum photography challenge! Since the main focus of the photo is my beloved camera I had to use it on this piece!

Creating these assemblage pieces is like a puzzle, finding different bits that fit with each other, adding lots of different texture, depth & interest to the overall piece.

Many layers of paint go into the final look, this can be the most scary part adding paint! I started with a layer of craft paint in a light ocean colour using water, lots of water, so the paint can move and get into all the nooks & crannies!

Then it’s treated to a few different Finnabair Art Alchemy paints, layering spraying with water over & over until I’m happy with the look! Once all the paint is dry I use Finnabair was to add highlights which adds even more depth to the piece.

Thank you for joining me today, as always I hope this inspires you to pull out some supplies and create!

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