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I’m finding as I get older my brain gets more full of knowledge, tasks, you know day to day stuff. This results, as I’m sure many of you know, in memory failures 😉 I always seem to get the most creative thoughts when I’m not sitting at the table, or I’m waiting for a new supply to arrive, then by the time I sit down I’ve totally forgotten what my genius (well maybe not genius LOL) creative thought was!

I’ve never been a list person, but as they say ‘never say never’! Now of course I could’ve taken a note pad or a pre-made journal to record my creative ideas, classes I’m enrolled in or want to take, challenges to participate in, etc. but where would be the fun in that?!

My original plan was to use a mini clipboard I have hanging in my space, but as I was explaining my idea to my friend Miranda during one of our virtual craft dates she showed me this amazing mini binder clip board she has. I fell in love & wished I had one!

As I was green with envy over Miranda’s binder clip board I had a brilliant (well I think it’s brilliant) idea to use some of the old Tim Holtz mini Binder Rings to make my own!!

For the base I grabbed a piece of plain chipboard and covered it with a sheet over under paper from a gelli print session, and added this amazing Dina Wakley Collage Paper. I also added some holes & wire so I can have it hang in my space.

I pulled out a bunch of different papers, including some of the papers from 49 & Market ephemera packages. With these papers I made three different sections, each with it’s own purpose to capture classes, ideas, or anything else for my creative work.

I love the different sized papers as you flip through, for me this makes writing my thoughts, and lists down more interesting…and hopefully that will help pull me into writing them down!

Each little section is sewn together, I didn’t use any glue or adhesive on these. I also added little bits of ephemera throughout just for fun! This is also a great little project to use some treasures from my stash that I’ve had for many years!

With so many pages I’m sure I’ll be using this for many years to come…and eventually it will be fun to look back at my creative thoughts & lists! Plus it adds another pretty thing to look at in my space!

Maybe next time you need a place to record your thoughts, or whatever, you’ll dig through your scrap stash (I know you have one) and make a fun project, that is also practical!

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