Little extra love

Well, it’s February and you all know that this month Lori has always referred to it as ‘The Month of Love”!

To honor this tradition you will see me pop in here on occasion sharing mini projects…who doesn’t love more inspiration?

I set a little challenge for myself to use the same object in different ways for each of these mini projects, fun right?!

A friend was in need of some hearts in all the colours of the rainbow, luckily I had the right Tim Holtz die to help her out 🙂

When I was done I had all these great leftover bits, I mean really these are just perfect for “The Month of Love”, but how many different ways can I use them? Keep joining me here to find out!

For this little 4×4 canvas I used one of the leftover heart sheets as a stencil to make these fun cracked hearts!

The base paper was a leftover paper from a bit of a failed experiment…that’s another story for another day. The blue is from different mists that was brayered onto the paper. Now because mist is not permanent and will reactivate when wet the crackle past (by Tim Holtz) soaked up some of the mist to make this amazing water coloured cracked heart background!

See this is why even failed experiments can turn into something totally AMAZING! Also why I rarely throw anything out, because just like the leftover die cut bit as a stencil you can always give your supplies a little extra love!

Thanks for joining me, as I said keep checking in because you never know when I’ll be back 😉

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