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A while back Lori had reposted on the store’s Instagram story something about throwing away your iPhone box. Of course, I scoffed at that and quickly sent her the following photo and told her to ‘hold my scissors!’ LOL

Ok so now I will never actually ‘need’ this box….but these are the most sturdy little boxes you can find, so they are perfect to stand up to some altering and repurposing!

Now yes this post of hers did give me a bit of a kick to use this little iPhone box that I’d been hoarding, win win right!! I also wanted to use up some papers, I know I’m not the only one that has a regularly growing paper stash! With this in mind and the box I came up with the idea to turn it into this pretty tag holder for my craft desk!

I started to alter the box by applying these resin pieces which were made using Stamperia & Prima moulds. Everything got a coat of black gesso to prime it, then I painted everything using Finnabair Art Alchemy Metallique paint in Emerald Green. To bring out the highlights of the resin pieces I finished them with Finnabair Metallique Was in Green Brocade. The finishing piece are the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Foundatons, which were also painted with black gesso and finished using the same wax.

Because I used very random and different sheets of papers to make the tags I coffee stained them all which helped to make them more cohesive as a group, and more vintage grungy…which you know I love! That process was done over a few evenings, I even had to string up a ‘laundry’ line to hang them as they dried. In total there are 130 tags in that box!

Of course I had to decorate one of the tags up right away…couldn’t show you a box full a blank tags could I?! This vintage photo came from an album my Mom passed on to me to use in my art work. Some of images in the album we know the relatives, but there are many we don’t. The woman in this photo may or may not be a great aunt…we will never know. But what drew me in is the image in the reflection of the wet street!

Now you’re all wondering what am I going to do with all these tags! Well I use tags often in my work, so now I have a great selection ready to grab instead of having to cut them as I go. Some like one will get decorated and may just live it’s life on display in this box…I can rotate them easily changing up the front tag. Some will be used in art journals, and well some may end up sadly blank for some time. As I use them, especially ones I decorate, I will be sure to share!

Now go dust off that iPhone box you have lying around, we all have one or more, and find a way to repurpose it into something beautiful!

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  • This turned out what great, and to think it is a simple phone box. It looks amazing with all the tags in it !

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