2020 … lots of changes at work and at home for everyone. For me, it meant creating a work space in our home, but I also needed a space to relax and unwind. Our balcony was the absolute perfect spot for taking a break, and it was so great to enjoy being outside.

Paul bought me this little bistro set for our balcony. I love it, it was my favorite spot in the morning for coffee; my favorite spot in the evening to put my feet up.

When we had our house in Miami, our yard was full of flower beds, hanging baskets, and a huge veggie garden. I wouldn’t want to go back to anything that big, but I do miss having a fresh tomato and a flower or two to enjoy.

I had a lot of fun planning and playing in the dirt. The whole balcony was my little place of tranquility. I look forward to being out there again this year.

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