Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to my first post for 2021!!! I know we all agree that 2020 was a year like no other, but I also know that it wasn’t all bad, that if we all look we will find the good things! As we move into this year my hope is that you all use your creative time to feed your soul & make beautiful art just for you!!

I did less creating last year, or at least if feels that way, but the one thing I did do is learn, grow & expand! I tried new products and styles, which I will carry into this year! One of my new favourite tools is the gel plate…I can get lost in it for hours and the results never cease to amaze me!

But what to do with all those yummy prints made from a printing session? Today I’m here to show you one way I used some of my prints! I used these prints that I made back in August.

Using my prints I covered this little chipboard album by Stamperia, it measures about 5×4 inches.

I also used the prints along with some new Paper Roses dies to decorate the book, so yeah I combined to loves, gelli printing and die cutting!! On the cover and through some of the pages you will see the Damask Layered die!

To help keep the book closed, and make it look pretty I hand died a piece of seam binding using the same paint colours as I used in my prints. Here you will see I used Tim Holtz Crochet die to add a little extra decoration.

I really wanted my gelli prints to be seen throughout the book, so I didn’t overload the pages with embellishments, keeping them simple and as you will see repetitive.

Each page has a Paper Rose die cut, and quote on one side with these fun tea bag collage pieces on the opposite page. I saw these made by ShabbySoul on Instagram and fell in love. I knew I was saving all those tea bags for some reason! 😉

On this page, you will see that instead of the damask die I used the Elena Butterfly die, also by Paper Roses! Lori has brought in many of their dies and they are all amazing!!

Those that have known me for many years know that I have my gramma’s old sewing machine, which I affectionately named after her. Well, her and I (the machine) don’t always get along well, she’s old and well used so when I went to stitch these teabag collages I had to call in the troops…aka Mom LOL I managed to get through enough for this project but I knew that it was time to retire old Claire. But that’s ok because Santa brought me a new sewing machine for Christmas!! So expect to see a lot more stitching in 2021!!!

A little secret I added to the book is that the teabag collages are flip-up, and hiding behind each is a stamped image embossed in gold, as seen in the above photo. This allowed me to show off more of my gelli prints and make the book a bit more interactive!

The quotes might be a bit hard to read, but I pulled out my typewriter for those…yup I was pulling out all the vintage tools! Again we had some challenges, I think there’s something sticking that I’ll see if I can fix, but again we muddled our way through.

I hope you enjoyed this viewing this book today, and how I used my gelli prints not only as backgrounds but also with my die cuts! You’ll be seeing me use the Gel Press plates in many more projects this year…this is just the beginning!!!

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