embrace imperfection

I don’ know about you but I think Embracing Imperfection is just a natural part of 2020 and all that has been happening in the world around us. But imperfections should not be perceived as negative, often they are what make a person or object unique and beautiful!!!

I found this old weathered and rusted pair of scissors on one of my many antique market trips…..well the ones I took in 2019 any way……and fell in love with the natural and imperfect aged patina they have.

To highlight the scissors as the centerpiece I stitched them onto a piece of tea stained raw canvas. The red fibers really bring your attention to the scissors! I added some more hand stitching in black and brads for extra embellishments.

This little Tim Holtz vignette box was the perfect addition to house a few extra bobs & things while allowing the scissors to still take the stage!

If you look closely you will see a hidden red rose behind the birdcage, adding just a touch more red to go with the fibers on the scissors but not enough to shift the focus.

As always the background canvas went through multiple layers and many changes. If you had seen the first layer of paint to now you’d never believe it was the same piece!! You’ll have to trust me when I say that this started out very pastel 😉

This piece was really fun to put together, even using up some older items, have to make room for all that new stuff Lori has been bringing in and showing us weekly!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I will be back soon with another project to share and inspire you all with!

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