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Over the last few weeks I have been sharing with you how I’ve worked with a journal that Lori gifted me, getting it ready to be filled with photos and memories.

Well I thought maybe you would like to journal with me….sooooo…..while you’ve been enjoying those posts I have been very busy creating a junk journal kit for you to buy!

That’s right a limited edition kit (only 20 available at this time) full of handmade embellishments and papers to build your own junk journal!


Each kit includes 16 different papers similar to the photo above, some papers may vary.


There are over 50 embellishments, including these fun pockets and envelopes, some which are made from coffee stained book paper! Oh and the map envelopes are just adorable if you ask me!  The piece with the stamped lady is actually a mini 4 page booklet!


And this jam packed page pocket so full of fun goodies!!! Honestly this is my favorite part of the whole kit!  There are 3 pockets in this page pocket, which is made from coffee stained book pages & machine stitched together.  Each pocket is filled with tickets and other tags, oh and custom made vintage stickers!  You can actually use this page pocket as a page in your journal, or attached it to another page.

These kits will be available for sale at Love Is In The Details on Saturday,  October 26th.  Each kit sells for $35.00….and remember there are only 20 kits available!

I have had so much fun putting these kits together, and I’ve been so excited to share…trust me it’s been hard not to share a sneak peek!

Now not only did I make the kits, but to show you how this all looks together I’ve made a sample journal too!!  This will also be at the store Saturday for you to see, so if you can please stop by!


One of the papers included is this tissue paper, which I thought worked perfectly to cover the thin chipboard I used for the journal covers.


Most of what I used in this journal comes with the kit, but I did add a few bits of my own pattern paper, ink, stamps…but not a lot because the kit has so much in it!


I love the different papers, they really do work nice together!  This journal is just waiting to be filled with memories!


On the right I used the paper from an old pattern and made a pocket page.  Oh look one of the Tim Holtz man stamps made snuck his way in….tee hee


As you can see the little envelope is also a tuck spot….plus you can hide away secret journaling inside it if you want.


The paper on the right was too wide for the journal, but instead of cutting it I folded it, makes a fun little fold out page!


The tags tucked into the pocket on the left could be used for journaling as well, or could be replaced with ephemera from a trip or other memory.  On the right like you saw in my other journal I made the page a flip out page using some pattern paper (not included in the kit) and washi.


Sometimes using paper clips is a great way to add extra bits to your journal, but they aren’t permanent since the journal isn’t finished yet.  It also makes it more interactive!

Oh look that large map envelope is a page…just loving it!


The right is another paper I folded but this time I made it a pocket for the tag or other paper if you wanted to slide in!


You know how sometimes things just work out perfectly….well as I’m looking at this photo I realized that little typewriter ephemera piece I pulled out of my scrap stash is perfect for this page….the paper is actually from a vintage ‘learn to type’ book!


The journal I’ve been sharing has had lots of flip out pages…..this one has more pockets and tuck spots in it.   The envelope on the left page though flips out allowing you to tuck some journaling or photos inside.


I used this fun pocket made from coffee stained book page as it’s own page….with a little something tucked inside it!


The bingo card is another bit I salvaged from my scrap stash and made it into another tuck spot.


Another fold out page….I love how the smaller pages allow you to see peeks of the pages behind them!


You can see some more of the fun embellishments included in the kit here….some fun collaging.


Ah there it is my favorite piece the page pocket…which as you can see I used it as a page on  it’s own!


Am I the only one that loves the look of vintage ledger paper??  Not sure what it is about it, the colour the lines…but I love it!


Again the coffee stained paper on the right was a little too big for the book, so the bottom was folded up to make a pocket to tuck other things into.


By gluing only two sides of the book paper pocket it turns it into a fun little tuck spot where you can add more paper or ephemera!

The last page is this fun handmade tag!


Phew we made it to the end!!!  Are you still with me or are you still drooling over the kit and counting down the hours till Saturday?!

I’ll be at the store all weekend cropping and looking forward to seeing many of you!

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