Lost Journal – Part 3

Happy Fall everyone!!

I noticed yesterday that the trees around my house are still quite green and full of leaves.  Guess the trees haven’t quite gotten the message that fall is here!  I’m sure they will soon enough based on the cool temps we’ve been having.

Here we are today for Part 3 of our journey through the Lost Journal, where I’ll show you the last of the pages!


The left side was plain white so I added this very cool piece that looks like an old tin ceiling.  It’s actually part of 7 Gypsies packaging!!  I really love how their packaging can be used as paper, great way to reduce waste!

On the right I’ve just left this polka dot paper for now, I kinda love how it looks, and doubt I’ll cover much of it as I continue to work through the book.  I also love how the smaller pages show off some off the pages on either side of them, this just gives the book a fun and interesting look!


The right page I used a full music sheet, I just couldn’t bring myself to cutting it, so instead I folded it in half making another flip out page.  To keep the flipout closed better I used another mini clip adding more Tim Holtz Pocket Cards.


Just look how pretty that music paper is!!!  Folding it was the best way to really show it off!


Another bonus of folding that music sheet is I was able to make this a double flip out, so  I didn’t loose any of it and I managed to make 4 pages from 1!!  Such an easy way to maximize the space in your journal!

The base of that page does have a little secret though, it’s actually a paper bag, so there’s even more space to tuck something inside!  I haven’t decided what I’ll put in there yet, so I’ve just left it empty for now.


I’m going to tell you that these books are one of the most fantastic ways to use up your scraps!!  The left page I was able to use two, one to make that cute little corner pocket, and the second is piece tucked into it!

All these little tuck spots & fold outs make the entire book so interactive…which of course makes it more fun!

On the right look at this fun coffee stained mini envelope that Lori added!  I’m sure some journaling will get tucked in there!


To decorate the front of the mini envelope I fussy cut these butterflies (though I think they’re actually moths, but I hate moths so we will call them butterflies!) from a piece of Tim Holtz paper.

To the right I used another scrap piece to make a flip up page.


This coffee stained loose leaf paper makes the perfect journalling spot, or I could add photos too!  Really the options are endless 🙂


The trick when building these pages that are different sizes is to make sure they coordinate with the parts you can see from the other larger pages.

The left again I used some scrap paper covering the white of the base page.  On the right I really loved the wood grain paper, so instead of covering it I made a little pocket and just tucked another piece of pattern paper inside it.


Here we are the last pages of the book….phew we’ve made it…..almost!

As you can see I have clipped another Tim Holtz Pocket Card onto the left side over some more coffee stained paper.

To the right is the back inside cover of the book, which I have covered with some pattern paper and made a little pocket.  Tucked into the pocket is two bits of pattern paper.


To finish off you can see that the left side is another flip out page, again making the most use I can out of each of the base pages!

The base of this book had 12 pages, with all the flip outs, pockets etc it now has over 40 pages to add all my photos & journaling!

You’ll have to wait a bit to see the finished pages, but I’m sure that once it’s done it will take at lease another 3 post to show you!

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