Lost Journal – Part 2

Today I am thankful I don’t live in Southern Alberta & parts of Saskatchewan…..thinking of all my friends living there dealing with the snow storm!  OMG yes I said the S word!

Regardless of the weather I hope you’ll grab a warm drink and join me as I show you more pages from the Lost Journal!


The theme of flip outs continues throughout the book, with fun pocket cards clipped on using mini paper clips.  But look at this cute little glassine bag, for now I’ve left it plain, I’ll decided what to do with it once I start filling the book with photos and journalling.  Also the plaid piece of pattern paper was a bit too wide, instead of trimming the extra off I folded it over making a decorative edge.


Clipping in these little pocket cards allows you to add some hidden spots for journalling if you want to keep things more personal, especially if you share your work on social media.


The right page is fairly small so instead of doing a flip out I added another cool vintage card with another mini paper clip.  I’m pretty sure I won’t cover that piece, I love it too much, but the back I will most likely add either photos or journalling, maybe both, who knows!


On both pages I made little pockets which have some cards tucked into them.  They were also decorated with some lovely lace!  The right hand page is the biggest in the book….but wait till you see the yummy paper base!


OMG the texture is fantastic!!!  I love it so much that I just left it plain, I’ll add some photos but will be sure to leave enough white space too!  I’m not even sure I know what type of paper that is….ok I googled and I think it’s Mulberry Paper! LOL

Speaking of Google did you see they recently celebrated 20 years………um can anyone remember what we used before Google?!

Ok back to the book….


Because the left page is so big I had lots of room to work with it.  This ‘postcard’ I cut from a piece of Graphic 45 paper…but it’s also a pocket with a tag tucked in.  Now the base paper on the right, again I don’t know what type of paper that is….and not sure Google will help me this time, since I can’t even guess! LOL!!


You all must agree that vintage music paper is just gorgeous!!!  I couldn’t bring myself to cutting this piece, so I folded it and made a flip out.  Pretty sure the left will stay as is!!  Also so I can show off lots of the music paper I added the pocket and tucked a card and mini book inside.

The right side is another flip up with coffee stained lined paper giving me lots of space to journal!


Here’s the little booklet…’s a piece of coffee stained paper folded with some pattern paper glued to the front and the bingo card clipped on.  If I need to I can add more pages into this little booklet.  Again tucking these in makes expanding your book so easy!!


On the reverse side of the mystery paper I basically did the same as the other side, creating another flip out.  Remember when using washi tape as I have here to create your flip outs you need to add extra glue otherwise you’re pages won’t hold up to being flipped over & over.

The right has another cute glassine bag…..the lines on this one are too cute!!!  If I were to count the pages in this book, I would consider those little glassine bags as pages along with everything else.  You turn it like a page….it’s a page! LOL

Thought you should know in case anyone is keeping track and counting my 40+ pages! LOL


Again same as the other side I used more lined coffee stain paper giving myself lots of room to journal.


The right page is an old overlay…who remembers those?!  I honestly thought I still had some in my stash, but I must’ve used them, or they’re hiding really well!!!  The paper behind the overlay was plain white, I just added a piece of grid paper over top so it wasn’t plain, but still shows off the overlay!!

Well I think I’ll stop here for today….you’ll have  to join me next time for part 3!!!

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