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I’m back today with one more card set that’s available in the store to show you!  When I created these card fronts, I videoed the process to show you how I colored mine.  Of course, we always want to encourage you to pursue your own unique creativity, but if you are short for time or need some inspiration then you can watch these to see just how I did mine.

The first one I want to show you is this floral design.  The images are stamped on watercolor paper, heat embossed with gold embossing powder and painted with a mix of Prima watercolors and other pan paints like Daniel Smith.


Here is the video that shows how I painted this card front. It’s a video created with HyperLapse, so it’s sped up and without sound.  You’ll notice that I often go in with some intense color, then go back with a clean brush to soak up some of that color.  When that first layer is dry, I go back again with more color to create layers of color.

The next card I’m going to show you is a background stamp.  Sometimes background stamps are little more than a small repeating pattern that doesn’t require any coloring to make it stand out.  But this BG stamp is covered with a variety of florals so I used much the same palette as the card above and just colored in all the flowers, berries, leaves and back ground.


Watch my coloring/painting process here:

The last two cards in the set don’t have process videos made for them, but you will find with ALL of the recently released stamped card fronts that each set includes a color photograph of these card samples for you to refer to. to help your own inspiration.



And finally…here is the complete set, all together.


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