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Hello everyone!  I went to the Phoenix Quilt Show this last week and about decided to pack up all my scrap supplies and become a quilter.  Oh. My. Word.  My eyes were drooling with delight.  (Usually that’s called tears, but not in this case).  And don’t worry, I did buy a couple of kits to try, but I don’t intend to quit paper crafting anytime soon.  I will just have to try and get by on 3 hours of sleep in 24 so I can fit everything in!  Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Anyway, when it came time to make something for today’s blog post, I could only think about fabrics and colors and patterns and I remembered one booth in particular where I wanted to own  everything my hands could touch.  I’ve long loved vintage Chenille.  I used to make teddy bears from chenille bedspreads to sell.


img_6724I loved discovering that there is a very cool, easy way to replicate the chenille look with bias cut cotton ribbon.  It gets sewn on flat, and then washed, making it fluff all up like that!  And it gave me this idea.


Using some of the hand-dyed seam binding that Lori has made for the store, I stitched it around this watercolored stamped image for a “chenille-like” frame.  I stitched it onto the last piece of the Prima paintable canvas that I have, and adhered everything to a card front.  It’s pretty quick and easy and gives just the effect I was looking for!


Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you found something to inspire you too!

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  • I absolutely love this look Norine … and the paintable canvas was the perfect thing to finish to this card.

  • That’s really pretty Norine.  I know your pain!!  That’s why I have to have such a large studio. I have different stations for all the different things.  Beautiful card.

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