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Last week I showed you some fun I’ve been having with the Gelli Plate and a new class was announced!

Sadly I didn’t win the lotto and my day job has been keeping me extra busy which hasn’t allowed me to get much play time in.

One of the things I love about the Gelli Plate is I can sit down when I have an hour and create lots of fun prints to use in my journal or other ways when I have more time to spend in my craft space. Win, win if you ask me!

So far all my experiments have been with acrylic paint, so this week I wanted to try some different mediums I had in my stash.

First I tried my Distress Crayons, since they’re water reactive I thought they might work…they didn’t, I don’t recommend trying that!  BUT I had a thought earlier that maybe if I scribble them on my mat add water and use a brush they may work.  Hmmm I’ll have to try that and report back.

Next I tried my Distress Markers, these worked much better, but that experiment needs some more attempts.

I actually had an idea in mind for my project this week, I don’t always I just go with the flow, and neither of those attempts were working for me.

Next I pulled out my Distress Ink pads, I knew these would work better as Lori & I used the Distress Oxide Ink pads at the store.

I used Fossilized Amber & Peacock Feathers applying the ink directly onto the Gelli Plate, then spraying with water.  The first image shows the original print, and the second print used up the ink left behind.


I love the gorgeous water colour backgrounds these created!!!  These will be used at some point, just have to decide how and when.

Now that I knew the Distress Inks would work so well I decided I wanted a more neutral background for my project.

My next attempt I used Pumic Stone & Hickory Smoke for the background.  I then created a couple of ‘stencils’ out of paper hand drawing some shapes and lines to crate an image over the background.


The first image I used acrylic paint with my paper stencils, I was happy to see the stencils worked, but I wasn’t loving the heavy contrast between the shapes & the background.

In the second image I used Peacock Feathers & Black Soot Distress Ink with my stencils, this gave a much softer look.

I still hadn’t quite created the image I wanted for my wall, so third times a charm right?!

The background for my final print I used the left over ink from the two prints above, one layer was too light, but the two layers turned out great!


I created a new stencil for this one making the rectangles a little different, and once again used acrylic paint in a lighter colour than I used in the first print.

Sometimes things I try don’t work out and happy accidents happen.  For the flowers I tried to create a stencil by cutting them out and using the negative piece.  Well that didn’t work well (I think my paper was too thick), and I ended up with the black ‘smear’ at the top.  I actually liked that black smear so I added another lighter smear of black to the bottom.  To finish it off I re-cut the flowers from black cardstock and glued them on.


I placed my art print in a black frame and had hubby hang it on the very blank wall at the upstairs landing.  Surprisingly this wall space has been empty for the 15ish years I’ve lived in this house.  I guess it was time to add something it!

I love the texture the second print creates when using the Distress Inks, I’ll be using this technique again for sure!

For those of you attending the class on Saturday, December 8th I will see you there!  Sadly I can’t make it out for the weekday class, you know work, kids, not winning the lotto just keeps getting in the way of my fun!

If you’ve made it this far I have a special treat for you!  I don’t know how many times you have asked for videos….well I thought I’d give it a try!  Thought I’m not sure what happened with the music that it changes, but I hope you enjoy!

Gelli Plate Video 1

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