The BIG Project

Yesterday I spent a fantastic day at the stores day crop!  It’s always fun to head out to Winkler, visit & create!

This week I have something entirely different for you!  Let me say that this is a big project and very much outside my comfort zone.  Ok I admit I was totally intimidated, but I did it!

Last year I finally re-did my master bedroom, it hadn’t received any attention since we moved in, it was drab and tired looking.  With the new paint, a new brighter light (the old one was worse than a candle) and new bedding I decided it needed something more.  I was looking for artwork to add over my bed, but couldn’t find anything I liked.

SO….I picked up two 30×24 canvases….and stared at them for the last year scared to tackle the project!  I have never created large pieces, even in high school when my art teacher tried to encourage me to expand and challenge myself.

Last week I finally made myself go for it, it’s just paint right?!  Here are the results of my BIG adventure!


These were definitely an experience of trial and error as I tried different things.  I learned that my favorite paint tool is a regular kitchen sponge!


I added some texture to the paintings but kept it minimal wanting a look like I’ve never created before.


My family was quite surprised with the results…..they said these were ‘plain’ for me!  I agree they are not my normal style, but that was the point of the challenge.


I said to my husband had I filled these up with different embellishments etc it would’ve taken my entire stash at this size.  Yes I just lost the best shopping opportunity! LOL


I had fun creating these abstract pieces and love how they look in my room!  I can’t say I’ll be tackling another project like this anytime soon, but I will defiantly try again…maybe a smaller piece next time!


Oh and yes my 9 is backwards….oops! That’s ok it’s abstract right?!  The numbers aren’t random either, it is my wedding date!

Experimenting with different products and trying new things is something I encourage everyone to try!

Have fun with your art, regardless of your style!

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