Souvenirs? Or memories?

Hello friends!  I have something a little different for you today!  There’s no patterned paper, adhesive or embellishments in today’s post, but it’s a form of memory keeping just the same!  I’m not sure what started your dive into paper crafting but for me it always comes back to the memory keeping.

For years Mr B has been traveling to Florida in the spring for an airshow.  And every time he does, he comes home with that year’s commemorative t-shirt.  Sometimes he wears them, but mostly he just hoards them.  I don’t actually know why.  When I asked him, he said he wanted to keep them as a memory of the trips to the aviation bonanza that Sun ‘n’ Fun is.  But t-shirts in a drawer is not much of a memory keeping strategy.  So I got the idea of framing them, but doing it a bit differently than you might typically think, by wrapping large canvases (the kind you buy to paint on) for hanging.


Well, wouldn’tcha know, the end result was so pleasing, he went and found some other t-shirt treasures he’s been hanging on to now that the shirts are long past wearable, but are still too dear to throw out.  Marvel Comics shirts, with their vivid colors and boyhood nostalgia for example.  I’m sure you can probably come up with your own way for doing this, but here’s the way I created these projects.


I used an 18″ square, stretched canvas that I bought the week there was a 50% sale on.


I cut the front from the back, going up the sides and including part of the sleeves to make as square a piece of fabric as possible.  The sleeve seams don’t show because they get stretched around to the back or side of the canvas.


The best way to begin is by centering the graphic over the frame (and clipping it if you have some clamps handy) – I didn’t so I was careful not to shift the fabric too much once I had it positioned where I wanted it.  Then you staple the center on one side, tug the fabric gently on the opposite side, and staple and repeat that process on the other two opposite sides.


Continue stapling all the way to the corners alternating from top to bottom and left to right.  If you have some print lines that need to be straight, keep flipping the canvas over to make sure you’re tugging in all the right places in order to keep the lines straight.  (I could have done better if I’d taken my own advice.)


When you finally get to the corners, tuck the fabric under in as flat a layers as possible.


Staple, staple, staple!  Best done when you’re bugged with someone or something!  Staple those frustrations away!


This is what the final result might look like on the back.  These are going to be hung in my husband’s airplane hangar so I didn’t worry overly about how beautiful the back would look.  No one will see, so I don’t need it any neater than this.


Et voila!


He’s currently in the process of moving from one hangar to another, so while things are getting sorted over at the airport, he’s hung these ones in his office already.  I think this is such a cool way to add some vibrant color and interest to his hangar and I’m pretty sure my boys are the next who’ll be digging in their t-shirt drawers for mom to preserve some of their favorite memories!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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  • This is so cool !!!! I have a few shirts from the kids that I thought I would turn into a quilt but I really like this idea !

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