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I’m back, as promised last week, with the final card set I’ve created for easy coloring and card creation.  (I’ve probably mentioned before, that its also a way for me to share my stamp stash with you,  justifying purchases of said stamp stash!)


Today’s card set is stamped on Strathmore Bristol smooth cardstock.  It’s a quality of cardstock that allows the coloring medium to sit on the surface a little longer than many other cardstocks do, enabling you to accomplish a lovely blending of colors.  It’s best used with pencil crayons, watercolor pencils and water based markers.  For the samples I’m showing you today, I used Kuretake Zig markers.  They are quite vivid in their color tones and have real brush tips instead of the felt tips most markers have.  They blend beautifully from color to color, or from dark to light by using a water brush to share the color.  The Bristol paper will allow a LITTLE water brush action, but it will pill up if you brush too long in one spot.


cs2redIt’s  impossible to take a photo that accurately captures the random Glossy Accent coated sections.  You can faintly see it in the above photos, but in real life it both looks, and feels really cool!  And because of that I toyed with the idea of covering all of the trees with GA but in the end, decided they looked more interesting and amazing because there are only a few spots.


Next, we have a winter/snow/holiday house card.  As you can see, the one on the bottom has some additional trees.  I didn’t do it that way on the cards in the kit in order to keep the designs simple, but you could easily draw some in by hand.  Nothing to it, really.  As well you can see the difference between coloring the card as a day scene or a night scene with a dark sky.  On the bottom card, I made it snow by adding some snowflakes with a white Paint Pen.


The card set also includes this fun coloring fest!  The choices for colors and backgrounds are unlimited and once it’s colored you can pop it up on a card base and call it done!  On this card I did add some glossy accents in a few places, as well as some clear sequins.


Finally we have a couple of options for cards for those friends or relatives who leave home and head to the beach for the holidays. Again, just color the images, crop them smaller, adhere them to a card front and stick a postage stamp on it!  Additionally, these two little images as well as the tree card could actually be cut into individual tag shapes and would make some super cute gift tags!

Depending on the efficiency of the Canadian Postal Service, these card packs will be available in the store in the next day or two.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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