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Hey, hello!  Today is October 25!!  Can you even believe it?  Christmas will be here before you know it!  Have you started making your Christmas cards yet?  ARE you making cards this year?  If it’s a daunting prospect or if you just need a very few handmade cards I’m here to help!

xmascards2I have two sets of stamped cards arriving in the store shortly, for your coloring convenience.  One set is stamped on watercolor paper and is suitable for watercolor painting, watercolor pencils,  or, if you don’t mind the texture, just plain coloring with colored pencils.  This is the set I’m showing you today.  Next week I’ll show you the set stamped on Strathmore Bristol smooth cardstock; it’s suitable for coloring with water based markers like Tombow, Tim Holtz Distress markers, and Kuretake Zigs.  Each card set has 5 cards in it.


The watercolor card set could also be called the Poinsettia set as 3 of the 5 cards have that iconic Christmas plant on them!  And they’re so easy to paint!  You just flood the whole flower (or in the case of that gimondo flower, a few petals at a time) with water and then drop some red or dark pink paint into the petal where it joins the center.  The water will do the work and wick the color down towards the tip.  If it dries lighter than you like, you can go back again and add another layer of color.  That’s a technique I do quite often – I really like the dried effect of several layers of paint.


As usual, the card sets contain only the stamped paper and a photo of the painted cards for your reference.  That way you can use them to create any sort of card you like!


Finally, the last card is a snowman one.  It’s super quick and easy to paint because so much of the image can be left white.  I defined the snowdrifts with a very pale grey paint and after it was dry, I painted on some Diamond Stickles to give it some sparkle.  Hard to see from this straight-on vantage point.

I’ve kept all of the cards very simple, because their charm is really in the coloring, and whatever supplies you use to color them will result in lovely handmade card.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!

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