Lovely Layered Roses…

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I’m back today with a wonderful little project that I LOVED the instant it came into my head!  (With a little help from various places in the webosphere).


I’ve been seeing this type of stamping project done in this vintagey – sepia toned color and wanted to try it on kraft cardstock.  When I was last in the store in Winkler, I saw (and quickly grabbed) the Birch Press Design stamp set called Brushed Birthday Greetings.

It looks like this.


You can see that each shape, the rose and two leaves, have two corresponding layers to them.  They are meant to be stamped in two layers to create a look reminiscent of fabrics from the ’40’s and ’50’s.


The fun part is, I used a single color of ink for this!  It’s the Walnut Stain Distress OXIDE ink.  The OXIDE part is important because it has a much better property for this type of inking and produces a nice solid color impression instead of a blotchy impression that you get with regular distress inks.


(I apologize – I’ve been intending to be much better about snapping photos during the making process as well as the finished result – but once again I got carried away in the making and totally didn’t do what I’d intended!  I promise to fix that.)

If you would like to try this technique, it would be a good idea to practice on a piece of printer paper.  Ink up your stamp once and then stamp it onto the paper three times.  This will show you how much difference there is between the generations of stamping.  For example, in the photo below there are two different intensities of stamped rose.  To create the flower on the left, I inked up my solid base stamp and stamped once onto a scrap piece of paper and then the 2nd time onto this sample.  Then I inked up the detail stamp and stamped it directly onto this base image – that’s called the 1st generation stamping.  The rose on the right is created from the 3rd stamping of the solid image and the 2nd stamping of the detail image.  (That’s what my notes written below mean.)


For a bit of variety on my tags, I combined 3rd and 1st generation stamping with 3rd and 2nd, to get a variety of contrasts.  Where there are two rose blooms on the tag, I stamped one image onto a piece of Post-It paper, and cut out exactly around the base flower shape to create a mask.  I layered it overtop of the first stamped bloom and then stamped both layers of a 2nd bloom, overlapping the Post-It paper.  When you remove the mask, it reveals two blooms, one tucked in behind the other.  The same applies to the leaves that are nestled behind the blooms.


I added some stamped and typewritten sentiments and Distress Ink – dyed some ribbon to match.  I would love to try this same technique with other colors of inks.  Blue roses on a pale blue background, right??  It’s a technique that is quite simple when you get right down to it, and a stamp set that can produce as complex a design as you like with just a few layered pieces.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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  • That is so cool Norine, I love the way it turned out on the tag ! Uh oh does this mean I am starting to like vintage things  . . . better change that real quick !

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