Glimmer and shine…!

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I’m back again today revisiting a fun old technique I haven’t done in many ages!  Remember Perfect Pearls?  Luster Dust?  Iridescent Sparkle in a Jar?  Well, in an effort to not let any of my supplies feel neglected or forgotten, I decided to pull out my little jars of Lumin Arte powder and create some card backgrounds.  That meant using several neglected background stamps too!  Which made them very happy.  Only problem was the glint of tears I saw in the eyes of the stamps not chosen.  Next time little buddies.  Next time.


So here’s how I started.

luster2I inked up a stamp with Versamark Ink.  Remember that’s the kind you can’t see.  It’s a clear pigment that remains “wet” (actually more like sticky than wet) and holds fine grain powders like embossing powder or pearl pigments.  But it doesn’t brush off like embossing powder does.  More on that later.


Here is a piece of black card stock with the background image stamped with Versamark ink.  The faint cloudy appearance is from the magic powder bag I use on EVERYthing before stamping to discourage particles of anything undesirable from static-clinging to the surface.


I’m showing you the process using the dark card stock because the effect is so highly contrasted and more effective at showing the magic, than on light colored paper.  Ironically though, I didn’t even end up using this black paper sample.  Next time little buddy.  Next time.

So, using a soft brush, you it dip into the powder and dab it onto the stamped impression.  Pouncing firmly produces a better, more solid looking result.

luster5 Then I used the brush to brush off the excess powder.  The name of this particular jar is Blue Pearl.  I guess they weren’t lying!?  You do get a more vivid effect on dark card stock, but that’s not generally my preference so I went ahead and used light card stocks for the rest of the samples.

luster6Once the powder is brushed on and then brushed off (sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it?) you do need to use a fixative to prevent it from brushing off with your fingers.  You can use a spray fixative, but that’s a bit of overkill, when you can also use a light misting of hairspray, or better yet, a fine misting of water and then a hit with the heat gun.

I’m really delighted with the shimmer thrown off in real life, by the pearlescent powder clinging to the paper!





Here’s a hint of that elusive glimmer!


Lumin Arte is just one company’s name for something many companies sell.  It’s most commonly known as Perfect Pearls, but it’s all the same stuff no matter the name.  And besides this fun technique there are many other cool ways to use it.  You can mix some in a mini mister with water for a subtle shimmer spray, or you can stir it into modeling paste or paint to give additional color and shine to those products.  You can even mix it in a puddle of water and watercolor paint with it.  It’s a very fun and versatile product!

Besides the Lumin Arte pearl powder, I’ve used a variety of other products available in the store right now…phrase stickers and stamped wood veneers from the Jen Hadfield line, blue ombre chipboard letters from the Maggie line and all the rest is from my own stash.

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  • Great cards Norine, and love the shimmery effect it gives off and yes I have been trying to use product that were purchased for certain techniques I do have say that it sometimes takes a bit to remember how do the technique or whatever it is !!

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