Did You Hear About the Artist Who Painted in Jail?

He had a brush with the law.

Cheesy, I know. It’s an absolutely awful joke. BUT, it goes with my post. Paint. And Chasing Dreams.

I’ve been feeling very inspired by mixed media, art journaling, & the bright Spring colours in the store lately. And since I’ve been teaching the Watercolour 101 classes this month, (more info on that here) I definitely wanted to incorporate watercolours into my project.

I knew I wanted to get messy and just have fun with it. Oh, and I wanted to scrapbook a few of my favourite wedding photos.

I did a lot of experimenting with different paint types and techniques and I’m actually super happy with the finished product.

Crate Paper Chasing Dreams mixed media scrapbook page by brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team

I started out with a plain white sheet of cardstock, covered it in clear gesso to prep my paper for wet mediums, and then did a quick wash of watercolour once the gesso dried.


I covered the whole page (minus the outer edges) with a bright blue thin wash. Watercolour blends differently over gesso than it does on plain watercolour paper and I love the effect. It’s definitely more raw. The Prima watercolour confections are to die for.


Next step was using Ranger texture paste through this Tim Holtz stencil…my favourite.


I’m super impatient so I used my heat tool after each step to speed up the drying process. I even heat dried my texture paste and it gave it a cool effect. It got kind of puffy as the heat was applied which I really liked…but be careful. Too much heat and it will burn.


The next thing I did was water down white, red, and a bit of yellow acrylic paint and make big splotches at the top of the page with a big brush. Lots of water. Then I tipped the page up and let the paint drip down. I kept repeating this dripping process with other paint layers throughout the project.

Crate Paper Chasing Dreams mixed media scrapbook page by brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team

Next was white acrylic paint with a few drops of water added. I used a large roller stamp to apply paint randomly over the pink section and the lower right corner. I watered it down because I didn’t want a bright, opaque white to stick out on the page.

Some watered down mint acrylic paint got splattered across the page using a big paintbrush.

I added a deep blue watercolour paint to act as an extra layer behind my photo cluster. I used liquid watercolour paint with just a little bit of water to get a true colour.

I then layered my photos and ephemera over the most concentrated area of paints. I used a mint green paint swatch, the Crate paper chasing dreams ephemera pack:


And this patterned paper:


Gorgeous line right?

It was super easy to layer with. There’s just something lovely about it…the pieces fit together so well.

After I added my photo cluster I felt like it was missing something. Some…pop…or something.

So I added bright yellow acrylic paint. Just a couple splotches to brighten up the colour palette. And I loved it! I wasn’t totally sure about it at first but decided to just go with it and try it. Sometimes that’s the best way to scrapbook.

I added more of the deep blue watercolour using a dabbing technique with a very small brush. I kept it in a sort of triangular layout to balance out the page.

A few little typewritten strips, a date stamp, and some gold sequins completed the project.

Crate Paper Chasing Dreams mixed media scrapbook page by brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team

Seriously, this page was totally refreshing to make. Getting messy and trying something new is great to do once in awhile. Even if mixed media isn’t really your thing, it’s definitely not mine, I really encourage you to pull out some paints or inks or pens or anything artsy and try it out.

In the words of a very wise woman, “Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy!”

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  • Looks like you had a lot of fun making this layout !!! Love the texture you added to it, from afar it looks like water droplets sitting on the page

  • This is such an inspiring page Brooke!  I don’t think i’m brave enough to do this, but I’d like to try.  That very wise woman wouldn’t happen to be Lori, would it??

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