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A few weeks ago I made a home decor crafty project and ended up taking pictures as I went…instead of just pictures of the finished product.

I wanted something “Spring-ey”, bright, and simple.

I chose this colour inspiration to work from:


I liked the way the blue, yellow, and pink-ish worked together so stuck with those three.

I started out with a simple white 5×7 frame but removed the mat and glass. I removed the mat so I would have a bigger area to work with (more white space!) and removed the glass so I could have dimension instead of a flat frame.

brooke gorrell watercolour butterfly frame diy

Since the frame/mat was missing I added a few pieces of chipboard behind the white cardstock for support. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been sturdy and the white cardstock would have bent inward.

brooke gorrell watercolour butterfly frame diy

I cut a bunch of different sized butterflies out of watercolour paper with my Silhouette machine. This could easily be done with punches, stencils, or pre-cut diecuts from the store and you could just use regular cardstock.

brooke gorrell watercolour butterfly frame diy

My favourite part: watercolours. I used my Prima waterbrush pens to apply paint and then a regular paintbrush to add more water and blend them.

Oh and I didn’t want to leave some of the butterflies just plain white so I painted them with shimmery white paint from the Prima decadent palette. They turned out so sparkly and pretty…way better than just plain watercolour paper.Still in love with that paint palette!

The watercolours took awhile to dry but the colour turned out really neat after blending with the water. You could speed this process along with a heat gun but I didn’t have mine with me.

brooke gorrell watercolour butterfly frame diy

You can see in this step that I decided I didn’t like the plain white paper and added a piece of patterned paper from the Fancy Pants Golden Days collection instead. I find I always change something like that halfway through. I’m indecisive. I should really post a scrapbook layout process video one of these days so you can see how much I change my mind throughout!

Anyway, I then splattered the dried butterflies with watered down white acrylic paint. I used this cool paint splatter distress tool and it made a nice fine splatter instead of big drops. I added the white paint for extra texture and interest.

brooke gorrell watercolour butterfly frame diy

Final step was layering the butterflies and adhering them to the paper/frame. I started with the biggest in the middle and carefully layered smaller pieces around them. I wanted them to look like they were fluttering upwards. I also filled out the middle a bit by layering small butterflies of the same colour over the big ones.

brooke gorrell watercolour butterfly frame diy

Squeezing the butterfly wings together so they lifted off the paper gave the project tons of dimension!

The final step was typing a Maya Angelou quote on the typewriter and layering it over green cardstock.

This frame was simple and surprisingly quick to make.

It’s currently on display in the store if you’d like a closer look!

Thank you for stopping by today!

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