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I have had the pleasure of meeting this very talented young lady in our store, and I really wanted you all to meet her as well.  She so graciously agreed to let me showcase her and her beautiful work on our blog.  I know you will enjoying meeting her and seeing her amazing talent.

Let me introduce … Chloe ..


Hello there! My name is Chloe Friesen (@chloejletters on Instagram), and I’m an 18 year-old lettering artist from Morden, Manitoba. I graduated from Morden Collegiate Institute in 2016, and I’m currently enjoying a gap-year while I wait/decide what adventure I’ll embark on next!I grew up in Morden (and still call the town home) and belong to a small, loving family. I’m a girl of many passions; with art in all of it’s forms being my main source of happiness, even from a young age.


It all started with a love of fonts. You could say I’m font obsessed (go anywhere with me and you’ll soon get tired of me pointing out fonts on signs and menus). Brush and calligraphy fonts have always made their way to the top of my favourites list. I began experimenting with lettering in the summer of 2016, when I was gifted a set of brush pens (this following my obsession with lettering videos on Instagram*). Watching the process and techniques of others really helped me learn the basics of the art form and discover my favourite ways to structure/shape certain letters. I never took any online lessons (although there are plenty out there that I’m sure are very informative), but went into it blindly, so-to-speak. With lots of practice, constant trial and error, and stacks upon stacks of paper, I’m finally at the stage of developing and experimenting with my own unique style.


As for how often I practice, I’d say it varies on the day, or how inspired I’m feeling. I try my best to pick up a pen at least once a day, even if it’s only to letter the alphabet once or twice. But I’d say that the last month or so, some days were spent lettering for 3-4 hours in preparation for Christmas orders I had lined up! I’m a multi-tasker (meaning I like to watch/listen to Netflix while I letter), and one of my favourite ways to practice my craft is to letter character names and quotes from the show or movie I’m watching. If you’re interested in improving your Netflix experience, I highly recommend trying this out. It’s honestly super enjoyable and relaxing.
I have a small space in my home set up for my lettering and other creative endeavours, which I occasionally use to create in, but I’m prone to finding a different spot in the house that gives me access to a cleaner and brighter environment. It’s mainly become a space to store my many pens, embossing powders, and stacks of paper…


Speaking of pens, a few favourites come to mind! There are countless pens I have yet to try, but so far, these would be my top three:

1)  Tombow Dual-Brush Pen
2)  Tombow Fudenosuke Hard-Tip Brush Pen (and I’m dying to try the soft-tip)
3)  Pentel Aquash Water Brush

As for paper, I’m not too picky. To be honest, if you’re interested in lettering just for the joy of it, printer paper works really well! I use it to practice on because it’s cheap, smooth, and easy to find. Now for the paper I use for lettering pieces I’ll sell or give as gifts, I’ll use a heavy-weight white cardstock (so far my favourite weight is 110lb / 300g/m2). It’s no fun to buy an art print and find out it’s been created on flimsy paper, so the thicker the better for me!


My favourite projects are the ones I can make for someone else, especially if it’s meaningful to them. The great thing about lettering is that it’s all about words. People connect to words; they’re often the basis of inspiration or memories. I recently lettered the chorus from a couple’s wedding song as a print to be displayed in their home. I was so touched that they asked me to do it for them, and I thought it was such a thoughtful way to celebrate their wedding day, and a great conversation piece for their home.
When I’m stuck on what to letter, I’ll often turn to my favourite books, Bible verses, and movies for quotes to inspire me. Another thing thats so great about lettering! Inspiration is seriously everywhere! For someone who loves reading and film, lettering became a natural response to my other passions.


It’s been so lovely chatting about my passion with you, thanks for reading! If you’re looking for a new way to unleash your creativity, I’d definitely give hand-lettering a try. Love Is In The Details has lots of supplies that can get you started! If you’d like to see more of my projects, and videos of me doing my thing, you can find me:
on Instagram: @chloejletters
on Facebook: Chloe J Letters
on Etsy: ChloeJLetters

*I’ve included a list of some of my favourite lettering accounts below!


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