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Weddings are expensive. Like, crazy expensive. One wedding expense that can be surprisingly big? Wedding invites.

So I decided to make my own.

We definitely went the unconventional route for our nuptials…including with our invitations. We sent out official invitations after our guests were already invited. Say what? Yes, we thought it would be a bit more personal (since we had less than 30 people in attendance) to send personalized invitations closer to the wedding that said how excited we were to have them at our upcoming wedding. A sort of…welcome card.


{Addresses blurred for privacy reasons}

When I started the invitations I really wasn’t sure which direction I was going in. I wanted something that definitely looked homemade, simple, and true to us.

I decided to do a tri-fold pocket type of invite with lots of kraft on gold elements…something I’ve been loving lately.


Aren’t those gold envelopes so pretty all stacked up??

I covered every edge I could with gold embossing powder. Oh, and the envelopes were printed on my home printer. It took me hours to figure out how to print them the right way without it jamming.


The diamond on the front I designed on my computer and then printed out on cream cardstock. It’s layered on a piece of floral scrapbooking paper and cream grosgrain ribbon.



Did you know you can print on vellum? Yup. You just have to let it dry before handling it.

Each invitation had a handwritten note included as well as a card with wedding day “instructions” on it.


I got everything I needed to make my invitations from the Love is in the Details store. To make 12 invitations, all of my materials cost me less than $20. Perfect for our budget.

This style of invitation was very simple to make. They would work for shower invites, birthday parties, crafternoons, etc. Why not save some moola and give someone a personal invitation to your next event?

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  • Love your invitations Brooke and the personal note you put inside them !! Love the gold embossing you have put around all the edges

  • Love your wedding invites Brooke, and all the delicious gold embossing!!  YUM.  I love that you were able to both save some money and create something that is such a perfect reflection of the two of you!

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