We interrupt your December Daily posts….

Hi everyone!  I did it again!  Scrapbooked!  Everything was still laying out on my table and it just seemed like the thing to do.  It also gave me a much needed brain-break from party planning and cake decorating ideas and prep.

It’s a mix of paper lines and embellishments, and it’s uses photos from last summer at the lake.


I did a flukey thing on this layout that I’ve never done before.  I love phrase strips and I have a lot of them and use them often but even so, I will never run out.  So as I was pulling a few off the Simple Stories Bloom and Grow sheet of phrase stickers, a bunch came off all together and it gave me the idea to use the whole sheet like that for a sort of photo mat!  It supports the theme, peeks out here and there and gives me IMMENSE satisfaction at having actually USED UP a whole sheet of stickers!  I know you know what I’m talking about!


It’s actually my favorite part of this page.

Except for the title.  Hullo!?  Canoe c’mere for a sec??  LOL.

No wonder my kids groan at my humor.


Besides using paper from the Kaiser-craft Ooh La La and Barber Shop and Photo Play’s Plaid line, I also used some Nuvo dots, and Dew Drops, alphabets and stickers from Simple Stories – Bloom and Grow, Prima paper leaf and some VERY old SEI puffy stickers from the last time puffy stickers were in style!  That also gave me immense pleasure!


We return you now to your regularly scheduled programming…

Have a stellar day!

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  • Best title ever!  and I love all the words.  You are pretty smart, more than just a pretty face.  😉 😀

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