Wedding Details + My Bridal Bouquet DIY{Photo Heavy}

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I’m back from my wedding/honeymoon! The plan was to have this post uploaded while I was in Mexico, but the post didn’t work before we left for some reason & I could NOT get the wifi on the resort to cooperate. So here it is! Better late than never.

Our wedding was wonderful. Exactly what we wanted. Simple, intimate, and quiet.


We got married at the Botanical Conservatory in Thunder Bay, Ontario and we were in love with our venue. The lighting was perfect for pictures, the tropical plants were the perfect backdrop, the noise of the fountain was lovely, and the Thunder bay amethyst everywhere (the water fountain is even made out of it!) really made it feel like home.

We had less than 30 people in attendance…just our absolute closest friends and family. Perfect.

Most of our wedding details were DIY. I made our vow booklets, my bouquet, Ryan’s boutionniere, my veil, my sister’s hairpiece, the decorations for the guestbook table, etc. When you’re crafty it just seems such a shame not to put things together yourself!



My veil is made with a piece of my mom’s wedding dress. I had to dye the veil and hairpiece with tea to match my dress.


My sister’s hairpiece. I made it using pieces from my Mom’s bridal headpiece and the hat my Baba wore to my Mom’s wedding.

Here are a few pictures of the guestbook table:

Typewriter guestbook table

Vintage typewriter for our guestbook. We got some adorable, sweet, and hilarious pages for our album.

Guestbook table

Clear mason jars with simple white candles. Lori was so sweet to lend me the vintage books.

guestbook table scrabble tiles

You can’t see it in the picture but our box to put guestbook papers and cards in was an old book on the outside. Scrabble tiles for hipster flair.


Our witnesses were Ryan’s brother & my sister.



And for anyone I spoke to at the crop about finding a faux fur, ivory coat…I found one! Well, my Aunt did. Thank goodness!


I loved every detail of our wedding but my favourite thing may have been my DIY bouquet.

One of my favourite things on earth is Harry Potter:


So I made my bouquet using pages from The 6th book in the series – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Chapter: The Unbreakable Vow.

I really should have taken more pictures during the process of making it.

I started off with a 7″ styrofoam ball and some corrugated cardboard. I fashioned the corrugated cardboard into a tube shape and then TAPED it to within an inch of its life. I stuffed the cardboard tube with felt to stiffen it up and make it sturdy.


The next step was somehow attaching the handle to the base. I learned early on that just hot glue on styrofoam isn’t a good combination.

I ended up carving a hole out of the bottom of the styrofoam ball just slightly smaller than the tube handle, squeezing a ton of glue into the hole, then stuffing the handle into the ball as much as I could. Sturdy.


I covered the styrofoam ball with fabric from my mom’s wedding gown for 2 reasons. 1: To cover up any unsightly styrofoam that might peek through between the flowers. 2: To give the hot glue something to stick to and prevent the ball from melting.

I secured the fabric with pearl pins.

Covering the handle was a bit tricky. I started at the bottom and wrapped the ivory ribbon around the handle, securing it with pins as I went. It was SO difficult to make it even but I did my best.

It was sturdy, and quite comfortable to hold onto all day.


I attached the handmade flowers by sticking a pearl pin through the middle of the flower then hot gluing the base of the flower before I stuck it into the ball. It was actually very secure but it did make the bouquet a bit heavy.

I found that the best way to work on the bouquet was to place it in a tall glass. This kept it in one place and prevented the flowers from getting smushed.

Arranging the flowers was like playing the hardest game of Tetris ever designed. And every time I thought I had made enough I had to make 20 more LOL. Even with all my efforts to fill in the spaces there were some open bits when I was done. To fix this I took tweezers and glued pearls in the spaces to fill it in.


Some of the flowers are made from the Harry Potter book, some are from random old books I had laying around, some are various shades of cream cardstock, and some are patterned scrapbooking paper.

In total it probably took me about 8 hours to make. And 2 baggies of hot glue sticks!

If you’re planning on making a DIY bouquet, my best tips are:

  1. Make WAY more flowers than you think you’ll need. You will always need more than you think and if you make extra you can use them as decorations.
  2. Plan ahead. Think of which sizes you will need to fit it together.
  3. Make a variety of sizes and make a lot of small ones to fill in hard to fill spaces.
  4. Use long pins. The longer the pins, the sturdier the bouquet will be.



It got dropped, dripped on, and forgotten (Someone had to drive back to my sister’s house to get it before the ceremony! Silly me!), but it was still beautiful by the end of the day.

I think handmade touches in weddings make it so personal and memorable.

A few more wedding details:

We did a “ring-warming” ceremony during our wedding. The rings got passed to each person in attendance for them to give us their best wishes/happy thoughts.

We wrote our own vows. This was very important to us. If I can get the video to upload I will share it with you guys.

Our first dance song: At Last – Etta James

My wedding band was my great-baba’s. She got married with it in 1920.

We didn’t have a traditional wedding reception. We went to our favourite bar in Thunder Bay to eat bad pizza, play foosball, lose at pool, and dance to the jukebox. It was everything we wanted and we were thrilled to be able to spend time with our family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into our wedding ceremony!

Have a lovely week, friends!

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  • Congratulations Brooke, it looks sounds like you had the perfect wedding ! I love all the personal touches you added to your special day.  I love the bouquet  and what a fun way to have guest leave you special greetings !!

  • Congratulations Brooke & Ryan!  What a beautiful day you had!  I am going to have to agree with Norine and say that my favorite picture is with you and Ryan where you are wearing the faux fur coat … absolutely stunning, perfect.  I love the ring warming, that’s just so cool.  All of the details … what can I say … love is in the details … and it certainly shows in your entire wedding.

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