Snow & Cocoa

When Crate Paper’s new line … Snow & Cocoa arrived (check it out right here) … I knew that it would be one of the first things I wanted to dive into.  If you have been following us here on the blog over the years, you will know that one of my favorite go to’s to alter is our wooden houses; and if this is one of your first visits here … now you know too!


The houses ~ the largest one is approximately 5 3/4″ high ~ and I have decorated both sides of this set.  How could I not? … the paper is just that fabulous.


Isn’t that little bird perched in the tree just the cutest thing ever??


I painted the edges of the houses with pumice stone distress paint, just to give them a slight grey tinge.


And, for those of you that like a more simple modern look, this just might be your favorite side.


Check out that tiny tree in the bottom right hand corner, with just the slightest bit of stardust stickles underneath (for snow).  The other two houses had that gorgeous shade of light aqua … so this little house need a little touch of that color as well.  Details … *wink*


Are you in need of a gift(s) this Christmas? ~ Wouldn’t these be absolutely perfect … and BONUS … they can stay out as a decoration for the entire winter season.

If you’d like to spend an afternoon or evening with me, enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate or moca, and decorate these ever so cute houses … that would be so awesome … cause they are now on the classes page right here.

***(When you go to the classes page, you will see that dates and/or prices are not yet set for classes … we have a lot of classes to upload, and then we will figure out the dates that will work for the different teachers)

Thanks for stopping by today … we so appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to visit.


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