Crop Creations!

Morning, all!

I’m filling in for Lori today (at least try to hide your disappointment, ladies!), so I’m just sharing what I was working on at the crop this past weekend.

We had such a lovely weekend! I ended up finishing the things I planned on and making some other stuff too…which NEVER HAPPENS, right?! Being in a big room full of creative ladies always inspires me to try new things and get stuff done. I loved catching up with everyone and showing off my wedding dress, ooh la la! 33 days, people. I’m beyond excited to share pictures of the big day with you (after the honeymoon that is!). I’ve been working on some cards & DIY bridal accessories as well if anyone is interested in seeing those once we get back from Mexico.

But on to crop creations!

My goal for the weekend was to work on/finish the Fall wreaths I had visions of. Project COMPLETED. Yay!

I ended up making three wreaths.

One big one for the front door:




And a small one on a brass ring for our bedroom:


I also made a mini version of the large wreath for Lori…which I believe she has in the store.

All of the flowers and leaves are handcut/handmade using felt, floral wire, and LOTS of hot glue. Believe me, you should have seen how burnt my poor fingers were. The pain we crafters go through, eh?

I finished my wreaths so it was on to the easy stuff, right? Wrong. Lori had some tricks up her mischievous sleeve.

There were multiple challenges throughout the weekend. A card sketch challenge, a layout sketch challenge, and 2 mystery challenges. I did everything but the layout sketch challenge.

This is the card I made loosely following the sketch:


I’ll tell you how strange it felt just following a sketch! 5 years since I last did a sketch challenge! Crazy. And fun.

Those 2 mystery challenges. I LOVED them. Kudos to Lori for coming up with challenges that made everyone get outside their box and enjoy it.

The first mystery challenge was a mini IKEA notebook that you needed to alter in some way.

fullfolja-notebook-white__0260350_pe404212_s4Cute right?

I decided to make something functional that I might actually use. Because we all have random notebooks lying around that we have no use for, right? I know I do.



A honeymoon memory book that takes up no room and is easy to use. We are honeymooning for 2 weeks and I know by the end all of the days will feel blurred. Solution? Jotting some of it down. We’ll see if I actually use it but just know that I am going in with the best of intentions. Kim. Ahem.

I was really impressed with the ideas the other ladies came up with. I saw a Christmas list book and a blessings book just to name a couple. People added tulle…stickers…someone even added a built in ribbon page marker with ¬†charm and everything! I’m totally lifting that idea.

I mostly used the new Carpe Diem Posh bits & pieces and number stickers (Carpe Diem stuff available in the store!) to embellish mine along with a few things from my stash.


I added glassine bags to the front and back to keep ticket stubs and other bits & pieces in + some map paper.


I numbered every few pages and got a head start on adding in some information.


I separated the book into week 1 & week 2 to keep it more organized. And also because how adorable are those gold dividers?


Very simple. Hopefully it helps keep me organized so I can put all of the info into my album when I get back!

The other mystery challenge was fun and a whole lot more challenging.

Lori had a table full of mysterious grab bags on a table and we got to choose one. Whatever was in the bag had to be used on either a card or a layout (Lori choosing which we would make). And the bags were… misleading. Fishing themed label? Halloween themed supplies. Christmas label? Baby girl stickers. You get the idea. We had to use either 3 items from the bag on a card or 5 items from the bag on a layout.

My bag had a lovely assortment of foam-mounted rag doll stamps, foam butterflies, and a pile of assorted patterned papers. Believe me, it was a lot better than what some of the other ladies ended up with. Mean old Lori. ūüėČ

I took the easy way out and chose 6 patterned papers to use from the scary eclectic mix.


I also had no pictures to use so here’s ANOTHER engagement layout!

I figured a grid was the best way to incorporate a bunch of not-so-coordinating paper.


I popped up the pictures with foam dots so they would stand out a little bit from the patterned paper.

This was a fantastic challenge; it got me out of my comfort zone and made me try something different. I LOVE that.

The last thing I made was just for fun.

A layout documenting my sister’s pinning ceremony in May. She officially became a Registered Nurse this past week and I am so proud of her!


The splatters are Prima watercolours and the sequins are from the new Prima package…both available in the store. The sequin package has ROSE GOLD sequins. I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.

I made the chevrons triangles arrows? with simple cardstock strips, woodgrain paper, and a strip of gold metallic cardstock. It’s actually super easy to make them and all you need is a paper cutter.

Well, there you go! All the things I got accomplished last weekend. Is it okay to say I’m proud I actually got something done while chatting and eating all day? I totally am.

Crops are fun. Snacks are fun. Scrapbooking is fun. Aren’t we lucky?

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

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  • It was great cropping with you Brooke, loved watching the flowers come to life and teasing you about your memory notebook !!¬† It is something I always say I am going to do on a trip and end up stealing a note pad from the hotel to write on !!¬† Your dress is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the things you plan on making to complete your outfit !!!!

  • Agghhh you make me wish even more that I’d been there for the crop!! ¬†But you do MUCH better under pressure of challenges than I! ¬†Love every one of your projects! ¬†Your grab bag layout is amazing! ¬†Who knew mismatched papers could combine so well!! ¬†Great job again!

  • I cannot decide what I like the best … but I know I love the color combination in everything.¬† Have to keep going back and looking at it all, gorgeous Brooke!

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