Some home decor….

I hope y’all aren’t tired of gold yet.  I’m not.

Hobby Lobby isn’t.


I recently attended my first Pinner’s Conf in Scottsdale, AZ.  It’s just what it sounds like.  A show where you and me (the Pinners) can go and see and learn from the people who make/do the projects we pin on Pinterest.   From DIY crafts and cooking to makeup, fashion and mommy-ing.  My head is still swimming with all the creativity I saw and learned to do!  There were so many awesome classes, a body would have to be divided in two (or 6) to get to them all.  Case in point.  Watercolor Brush Lettering or Foiling on Fabric.  I KNOW right??  That’s a hard decision to make!  I went to the watercolor class (and loved it) and later, stood in line for another class with a girl who’d picked the foiling on fabric class.  She showed me what they did and it was almost as good as being in the class.  Except of course, I didn’t get to take home a finished project.

But I wanted to try it myself and here is the result.


Because I’m still all about the gold foil.

So, using the Deco Foil liquid adhesive and some stencils, I made a design on a couple of plain white pillow covers I was bored with.

I made the polka dot stencil with my Silhouette machine, but a word of warning! Using cardstock as your stencil means the paper will get wet and will probably leave behind little torn bits of itself from where the glue dried to the edges.  It’s not a deal breaker.  You can scrape it off after it’s all dry and foiled.


The fancy nancy, French stencil is one I bought from Home Depot for a couple of other projects.  (Chalk painting on shabby vintage windows.) But check the store – there are LOTS of great stencils that could work quite nicely!

At first I used the foam sponge applicator to dab the glue down, but I quickly realized it was absorbing too much of the glue and not leaving enough on the stencil surface.  By trial and error, I came to realize that with this stuff, more is more.  Forget what everyone says about less is more.  I ended up using the tools I was born with (my fingers) to apply and smear the glue in the stencil openings.  Then it needed to sit and dry until tacky.  Because I ended up squeezing a fairly thick layer of glue on, it took about an hour to become tacky.  Then I just rubbed the reactive foil sheet over top the glue and with my finger and a burnishing tool and peel it away.  Magic, I tell you!


It’s not a perfectly neat and tidy technique.  You need to be ok with a certain amount of messiness because of the nature of glue and stencils.  It’s going to seep under the edges in spite of your best attempts to prevent it.  Taping the stencil in place and being very careful in applying the glue so that you don’t move it too much, all helps.


With the polka dot pillow, because the openings were mostly larger than anything on the french pillow, I found that the glue soaked into the fabric more, so in a few instances I ended up applying a 2nd coat of glue.  And!  According to both the girl I met in line, and the glue packaging, once dry and foiled, these pillow covers are fully washable!



But foil on pillows folks!!  If that’s wrong I don’t want to be right!

Off to fulfill my daughter’s order for a gold pineapple on a pillow!

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