Handwritten titles….

….are clearly the!!  Remember when Brooke showed us hers here?  I literally squealed out loud because I’d had the same thing in my mind to do since June!  Only, with watercolor!  And I finally got around to doing it for real!


You regularly see the handwritten titles as part of die cut packs, but how often do the titles suit the layout you are creating?  If you’re me, not that often.  So I thought I could make my own and it would be totally customized.


I used the Prima watercolor paints, and first tried messing with blending several different colors.  Trouble is, mixing orange and blue will make brown.  No two ways about it.  When I finally came to accept the fact that it would have to be 2 similar color tones, I could create a beautiful, un-muddy blend.  The best way to set about painting your own title, is first to practice the title many times on scratch paper.  That way you identify early on, the letters that might give you trouble, and work out the kinks with a pencil.  The next step is to take the wet-with-clean-water brush you plan to use, and write the word(s) with water.  Fairly wet water.  (As opposed to the dry variety of water.)  Before it has a chance to dry out, go back and pick up a little bit of paint on your brush and drop it into the wet words.  Watch the paint swarm in the wet outlines!  If it doesn’t move freely, add more water.  And be prepared to practice a few times!!  Remember it’s just paint and paper and there’s more where this came from!


After it dries, you can fussy cut the title and add it to your layout.  I added foam squares behind mine to really help it stand out on the page!  The rest of the title…the label maker type?  That, I printed on cardstock and cut out.  It’s a free font on the internet and you can print whatever size you want.  You could also use your Dymo label maker, like your dad did back in the 70’s but my label maker was back in Arizona and I had to figure something else out.


The embellishment cluster along the bottom left was created by lining up a row of diecuts from several different lines and then running the whole thing through the sewing machine.

sunrise5I layered up some other papers for the photo mats and typed out a line of journaling on my space-bar-is-stuck, vintage typewriter, and adhered that too.  And decided to call it done.  The truck was leaving for supper in town and I could either mess some more or miss out on carmelized onion flatbread!!  It wasn’t even a question and I know you’d have done the same!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you were inspired to create something, or at the very least to pull out some supplies and play!

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