New Playthings….

Last month on my way up to the cottage, I had to pass so close to Winkler that not to stop and see Lori (and pick up some stuffed full pizza boxes) would just be wrong.  And ever since that day I’ve been dying to play!

Some of the first things I wanted to try out were the new Prima Watercolor paints!  They are serious pigment paints in delightful little travel tins containing 12 half-pans each and there are some gorgeous colors that mix well together to make even more wonderful shades.  They come in three color schemes – Classic, Tropical and Decadent (with 4 metallic shades).  I used these paints to play with the Prima Paintables 6″x6″ Salvage District pad.  The Paintables paper pads come with 12 pages of 6 designs each, and those designs are divided by white resist and black outlines.  I wanted to show you in this first image, how beautifully the paint travels in a clean water wash, across the paper.  I basically touched the paint filled brush onto the upper left corner and watched the color wick outwards from there.  Like magic I tell you!


I also used a die as an outline template to generally indicate where I could lay down the color to fill the heart shape.  After it was dry, I die cut the heart.


Before starting, I painted color samples of each of the paints, onto small pieces of water color paper, that will fit inside the lid of the boxes.  Both the lid of the box and the flip-out shield have shallow wells for mixing paints in.


Here are 3 cards I made from that dabbling.




Thanks for stopping by today!  There are lots of new goodies in the store, and if you are looking for something you see here, let Lori know and she’ll get you fixed up!!

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  • Gorgeous!
    I’m also loving the Prima paints and it’s so nice to see different techniques and ways to use them. The water wicking technique is something I HAVE to try.

  • Great cards Norine and as usual great little tips and tricks on how you perform your magic when you sit down and scrap !!!!!

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