Decking the Halls…

Hello all!  Today is Day 8 of Liitd 12 Days of Christmas and random prize draws.  To be entered in our random prize draws, comment here on the blog posts each day and like our Facebook page and/or Instagram posts.  Tag us – #loveisinthedetailsdotca – on Facebook and/or Instagram with your Christmas creativity over these days to be entered as well.  Winners will be announced randomly throughout these 12 days.

Today I thought I would show you some of the corners of my house that are showing the signs of the season!  I don’t decorate for Christmas as such, but I do decorate for WINTER!  I can “celebrate” that more heartily now that I don’t have snow to shovel!  Which incidentally?  I don’t much miss.  Turns out, all I need are some crafty snowmen, evergreen boughs, and my spiced mocha coffee mix to get the wintery feel!



I have this lidded basket with wooden candy canes, pine branches and pinecones, that gets tucked under this little table in the front entry.  The wooden snowflake is a new addition this year.  I found it at my monthly flea market event!


In another corner is this vintage syrup pail painted white.  I’ve had it for years; it’s been any number of colors, and held a wide assortment of “decorations” from painted badminton rackets to umbrellas.  I like this incarnation the best of all!



The front door “wreaths” are new this year as well!  I saw an idea like this floating somewhere around the interwebs, and set about to make it here.  I found the white frames at Hobby Lobby (had to wait a couple of weeks for them to go on sale at 50% off).  Then I cut cardboard to fit the openings, and wrapped the cardboard with burlap I had in my cupboard because once, long time ago I thought about making a burlap table cloth, not thinking how that might affect guests’ allergies or even their elbows.  But I never did get that made and now I feel justified for keeping it around all this time!  I ordered the dogwood wreaths from Etsy and the cotton ribbon came from Hobby Lobby as well.  A pretty simple assembly and I love the look of them on the front doors!


At the front door is also this vintage birdcage.  I like to change things out in there according to the seasons, but this is the first year I put the snowmen inside.  Mr B had some questions about what their offenses might have been to get them locked up in there?  Ha ha.  Everyone’s a comedian.


And in the kitchen I have a three tiered basket affair that I bought originally to hold scrap supplies.  Mostly it held washi tape on the top two tiers and bottles of spray inks on the bottom.  I got tired of how much real estate it took up for something I didn’t often use anymore.  (The inks mostly.  I still use washi, but I have a much better storage solution for that).  So it got emptied out when I was purging and re-organizing and all fall it held pumpkins and candles and wooden apples and burlap pears and Thanksgivingy stuff.


Now it’s my “winter” decor on the kitchen island.  I was going for a silver-and-white-with-a-touch-of-red-among-the-evergreens-look.


There are some totally random things in there among the silver and ceramic pitchers (I collect both), such as salt and pepper shakers, a magnifying glass, a candlestick and a clock.  All selected for the simple task of looking pretty when combined with all the rest!

But since what you really came here for was to see some paper crafting thing, I have a card to share as well.  I figure you might still need one more really quick, last minute card idea that you can throw together in minutes!


All I did here was stamp an assortment of snowflakes onto watercolor paper, with Distress ink.  Stormy Sky is what’s used here.  Then I took a wet paint brush and gently dabbed the stamped images to cause the ink to run and spread and softly pool.  If you have neither snowflake stamps, nor Distress Inks, you can get the same effect by drawing some snowflakes with Distress Markers and doing the same trick with the paint brush.  And you don’t even have to know how to draw to get a pretty recognizable snowflake!

That’s it for me today!  I hope you are enjoying your day, and every part of the holiday season!

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