Making art with….wait for it…Face Paints!

Weird how things work out… A couple of weeks ago, our own Laura (4boys&ageek) tagged me on an Instagram pic of a new Prima product that looks like a lot of fun!  Water soluble oil pastels!  She wondered if I had seen these or tried them and I was aware of them, but trying to resist buying more product.  (I’ve since caved.  They were cheap. Plus they have 24 colors!)  At the time I was cleaning my scrap room and doing a lot of purging and that always means rediscovering things I’d forgotten about.  In one drawer (labeled Mixed Media Supplies – for the interested) I found 2 tins of our old face paints – Caran D’ache by Aquarelle.  My boys got a LOT of use out of those crayons back in the day.  You dip the tips in water and color on your skin like you’re back in kindergarten.  As a result, one tin was down to 6 very small used up crayons making it necessary in more recent years to purchase a new tin with 15 colors in it!  But the boys have grown up, as boys do, and coloring on themselves doesn’t have the same appeal (unless it’s October 31) as it used to so they were all new and sharp and wouldn’t you know it ALSO water soluble oil pastels!!  So then, lets try these out!!

The technique I was keen to try was coloring on a large background stamp, brushing it with a water brush to activate the color and then stamping with it onto watercolor paper.  Like so:



It worked beautifully!  And there was still enough pigment on the stamp to re-wet with the wet brush and stamp again!  And then apply some more color and stamp again!!  I was able to make all three of these cards from that one stamp.


I found I was able to “re-activate” the pigment on the watercolor paper after stamping too, to intensify the color and help the shades blend more.  And finally it get’s quite pale and indistinct, which I love almost as much!


All in all, a fun discovery, trial and outcome!  And like I said, I have the new Prima crayons in hand now so watch for something coming from them too!  If this looks like something you’d like to try, just pester Lori, I know she’d be happy to bring it in for you!

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  • What a great discovery and the water soluble oil pastels sound very neat and look like they can be alot of fun !  Love the colours on the cards !

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