It’s Tee Time

Hello everyone!  It has been so busy around Love is in the Details, we have had so much going on.  Last week on Wednesday and Thursday, we were honored to have Finnabair come here and teach four awesome classes.  Here she is in our store with a display of her fabulous products.  Isn’t she so cute!


The three days she was here flew by so quickly.  Finn is so sweet, she has such a fabulous personality, and she is a phenomenal teacher.  We were so fortunate to have her here.


My husband, Paul, never took a class from her, but he was very inspired by what everyone created.  On Sunday he asked me if I would teach him how to make a canvas.  Of course I said … Absolutely.


He had put a lot of thought into what he was going to use, and had made a collection of things he wanted to put on his project.


Some of the things he used were pieces that someone had given him, and he also picked up a few embellishments from the store.


Lots of precise placing and deep concentration went into this mixed media project which he will proudly display in his man cave.


He did the canvas on his own, with no help from me (can you believe it?:) *grin*  All I did was give the instructions of what products to use and when to dry.


You are getting a glimpse (above) as he gets closer to being finished.  And here are some sneak peeks (below) of his finished canvas.




And below, the representation of the name of the canvas.


And here is the canvas … Tee Time!



We had a blast creating together, it was fun to see Paul so enthused about doing this.  I loved watching him placing all of the pieces, each one with care … cause yes, you got it … love is in the details.  I am so proud of him, he did an amazing job.  Tee Time … a golf mixed media canvas … by Paul Patterson.

10 thoughts on “It’s Tee Time

  • Paul, that is amazing !! I love all the little pieces you put on but my favourite part is the glove !!!!  Love the colours, now lets see a picture of it hanging up in your man cave !!!

  • Wow Paul! Already knew you were awesome but this just cinches it! Love the colors and placement. Enjoy!.

  • Way to go Paul.   That is really great.  I am totally proud of you for doing that.  TOTALLY!!!!!

  • do not let this be your last, it is a wonderful piece of art. Work of this nature and quality would sell handsomely.

    Keep going.
    Gail  (friend of your mom and dad’s)

  • OMG!! Paul, seriously, this is AH-MAY-ZING…wow…I absolutely LOVE it and the fact that you take such an interest in a passion of your wife’s…you ROCK!!

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