Multi media fun

The summer is in full swing and I thought I would get out the old pictures from our friend’s cottage and get a few of them scrapped.  It has been a while since I have gotten really messy with all the multi media products I have and I thought it is way passed time to get them out and just create.  I think that is the fun of multi media layouts… just having fun.  Things don’t have to match or follow a certain design.  It’s all about just going for it.

I started this layout with a blank piece of white cardstock. I took a 12X12 stencil and sprayed some Lindy’s stamp gang spray on the stencil in random places.  I picked up the stencil while it was still inky and flipped it over and laid it back down on the cardstock. The mirror image of the stencil magically appears on the paper.  Between each layer of spray, the layout was dried using a heat gun.  this seals the colours and allows the layers to occur.  I took another stencil and applied multi medium compound to it.  I concentrated mostly in the centre of the cardstock. When the compound was dry, I sprayed it with the darkest blue spray I had chosen. I sprayed it with water and picked the cardstock up and tipped it forwards and back to get the runs. I repeated this 3 times with different colours of spray. Each time the piece was dried. I took a smaller 6X6 stencil and added some more multi medium compound in the opposite corners and sprayed it as well.  I also inked it with a little frayed burlap distress ink to tone down the colour just a little. It was then time to add the photo and embellish away.  I used a die cut from the Spellbinders 5X7 enchanted labels 28 set. It was perfect to frame my photo.  I used all sorts of flowers and bits and pieces to embellish.  See the flower on the bottom left?  I cut that with my Silhouette.  I added vintage threads and shells that I brought home from our recent trip to Tamarindo Costa Rica.  It just goes to show that you can add just about anything to a layout!!

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