Altering what you already have….

I wanted to do a quick blog post about using the items in your stash in new and updated ways.  I find that I love items in my stash but they have either become a little dated or really don’t suit the layout or card that I am wanting to use them on. I find that once I combine elements or ink them up, the item is fresh again and fits right in with what I am wanting to use it on.  Case in point…… see the flowers that I used on this layout?

The flowers are from Prima and all on their own   really don’t bring much to the layout.  I layered them with velvet smaller flowers and found interesting bling to add to the center.  All of a sudden, the flowers are fresh again and add a pop to the side of the layout.  I also tied in the big doily by inking the edge to compliment the lighter green colour.

I did a similar technique with these flowers on this layout.

I encourage you to try and layer your embellishments and see what you can create. The new embellishment will be one of a kind!!

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  • What a great way to use up older stuff in your stash.  That should be a challenge to make the old new again !!

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