Three favorite things….

So, in preparation for going up north for a couple of months this summer, I’ve been trying to do some tidying in places that last get any attention.  And in one of those corners was an sealer jar lid, holding all the leftover alphabet letters from a project I did way last year, using the Tim Holtz Block Talk die.  (These are not the Block Talk die, but would work just as well, if the Block Talk is no longer available for ordering).  You might remember it, here.  The task was to either to use up those letters or throw them out.  Because I just wasn’t up to finding a place to stash them where I’d remember and come back for them.

You’ll laugh when you see the first layout I used these letters for….how alike it is to this one I’m showing you today.  I did too.  I totally forgot the first one, until this was finished but clearly, I do have a set style.  Here, anyway.


You might remember, I colored these alphabet letters by washing several shades of blues and greens onto a whole sheet of watercolor paper, then running the sheet through the Sizzix machine once it had dried.


The leaf is from another pile of leftovers – this one from the bits and pieces I’d made up for the crop demo back in April.  Basically, other than the sequins, everything on this page was an item laying around waiting to be used up or tossed.  So this is a happy result, I’d say!


And I made the journaling a design element of it’s own.  It says, “this photo represents three of my favorite things.  #1 is the beach at lido Key in Sarasota, FL with it’s white sand like powdered sugar.  #2 is the photo app Waterlogue, that turns your photos into lovely watercolor paintings.  And #3 is the color combo of blue and green.


Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope your day is going exactly the way you like it to!

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