Playing with Peel-Offs

Hello again!  My apologies for the delayed post this morning.  I ran out of light yesterday and rather than photograph the samples in indoor light, I decided to wait until morning.



I haven’t actually had a lot of time to play lately with travel and house guests and entertaining, etc, but the busier it gets, the more I CRAVE a bit of creating time.  So on occasion, I’ve sat down to paint these bitty Elizabeth Craft Peel Off stickers.  One or two doesn’t take long (all the supplies are still sitting out from the last time….) and just that little bit of time taken to sit quietly and play, feels so restorative.


So when it came time to put something together for today’s blog post, these were stacked and dry just waiting to be made into something like a card.  Or six.  The patterned papers all come from the Teresa Collins Nine & Co line 6×6 pad.


I wanted to point out something I used to know but forgot to remember until just now again!  It’s the reason I buy the sentiment peel offs in silver mostly.  You can color the silver stickers with Sharpie markers to change their shade as I did for each of these cards; from a transparent sea green to a completely altered black.




The painting technique for blending these watercolor paints is not difficult, and I hope to make a quick video soon, to demonstrate it, but I’ll let you in on a little secret in the mean time!  Lori is ordering watercolor pencils for the store, and they will make shading and blending like this easy peasy lemon squeezy!  I can hardly wait for you to try them!!

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  • Great cards Norine and wow that is quite the collection of sharpie pens !!!!!! I have a few of these and just haven’t used them yet . . maybe it is time to pull them out !  Never thought to try and use watercolours with them either . . .see what we learn hanging out at LIITD !!!

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