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Hiya everyone!  Blog post day has rolled around again, with very little no paper crafting to share with you!  Our kitchen reno is nearing completion though, so I hope to be back playing with paper again soon.  New product is piling up and I really want to play!

In the meantime though, here are some more crafty things I was busy with in December.

Ever since Lori posted this photo and Pinterest link on the blog (probably 2 years ago now) I have wanted to do this.  Finally, I did.  You can’t believe how hard it was to source those plastic alphabet stencils!  I finally had to resort to eBay!


I started by taping printer paper together to approximate the size of the cushion cover and wrote out each quote/message in the general size of the letters, adjusting where I needed to. That told me which stencil size to use, and how close to draw the sentence lines.



For the 1st two pillows, I used pencil to outline the letters, because that’s what the link source assured me was a good idea.  It’s not.  It DIDN’T erase or wash out like I asked it to.  Then I remembered my Fading Quilting pen.  It’s meant for drawing on fabric and then fading away in 24+ hours.  Only tricky part was to stencil out the letters when I was sure I had enough time to complete the sharpie outlining for later coloring in, and before the purple marker completely disappeared.  As I went along I did more adjusting again.  Some needed, some I should have left well enough alone.  But the finished look makes me happy.  And you don’t really notice where letters are squished too closely.




After outlining each letter with a fine tip marker, I tried coloring the letters in with a thicker Sharpie.  Didn’t really work that well.  The ink flowed a little too freely and tended to spread past the lines.  So I went back to the fine tip Sharpie and if you think that’s not time consuming…!!  But it made for good activity while chatting on the phone or visiting with people across the table. I even colored letters on one plane trip!  It’s actually sort of a mind numbing, zen inducing exercise.



The next project was inspired by something I saw while shopping in Barnes and Noble.  I instantly fell in love with idea of book origami (except for the price part), and just as instantly thought, I bet I could do that myself!!


Probably, the hardest part was finding a youtube video to teach how to make the pattern…..which I now know how to do.  It’s boring.  I’ll spare you the details.  It has to be done in Photoshop.  But if anyone wants to learn how, shoot me a message and I’ll help you out!  In the process of searching out this unique form of art, I discovered the artist behind it all: Isaac Salazar.

I thought I should begin nice and simple, so decided to start with a heart, and then move on to a single alphabet letter.

crafts31That seemed to work out ok, so I amped it up and tried THREE characters!


Basically, you create your design on a striped background, each stripe corresponding to a page in the book.  Where there is and upper AND lower stroke to the letter, every other stripe matches either the upper or lower part of the letter.  In the photo below, you can see the little pencil ticks that mark the point on that part of the letter where the page will fold.  I drew a pencil line on the top and bottom of the closed book and used a straight edge to keep the upper and lower folding point of the page uniform as well.


I’ve got a long way to go to match up to the stuff Isaac Salazar is creating but this was a pretty fun way to start.  The best part was turning on an audio book and sitting there for an hour or two just folding pages, folding pages….

Thanks for stopping by and I promise to have some scrappy goodness for you when I next come back!

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  • Norine the pillow and book art is so cool !! I love the pillow and even have stencils from the kids that could work . . .should I add it to the list  ; )  I have seen the book art before but it never crossed my mind to even try it, I love how the initials turned out

  • Oh Norine this is all so awesome!!!  Your patience astounds me and pays off big time!!!!!!  I would love to try the books eventually!!!

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