The continuing frame saga

Ok, I will finally admit that I have an addiction to frames.  I can’t stop buying them, finding them, refinishing them and making them new again.  Do I put photos in them?  Sometimes…. but more often than not, I just do paper and embellishments and turn them into a wall or table decor piece.

I was thrilled to open one of my Christmas presents this year to see that my mom had gotten ahold of our dear Lori, and had her shop for me, and she even wrapped it all so my mom didn’t have to lift a finger. 🙂  I got some of the new Teresa Collins Nine & Co papers and embellishments and decided to whip them out to use this week!

So lets start here.  With the frame.  One of those standard collage frames that has been sitting around for a very long time with the same stock photos that came with it.  Time to do something with it!!!


First, I decided to once again whip out the gold spray paint.  If you’ve seen any of Teresa Collin’s new stuff, you know she has jumped head first into so many amazing things such as gift wrap, stationary, etc., and the main theme of it all is GOLD.  I think that is what has made me love it so much, seeing what she has done with it all….

Then I chose one of the papers that had a very large quote on it, which would take up a good portion of the frame.  I picked a subtle printed paper to use as my borders for the quote, and threw that all together.


Adding in some of the lasered edge chipboard pieces is a no brainer on most altered items these days for me.  They add such a great texture and draws your eyes straight to them, so I had to dress them up too of course.  Add in some extra chipboard, some flowers, and throw it back in the frame.  I left the glass out this time as my embellishments were too bulky, but even if they hadn’t been, I probably would have opted for the glass free look anyways, as I think it makes the piece look more handmade and one of a kind.


Slowly, my house is getting decorated, after all these years.  And the quote is absolutely perfect for our families right now.  Nothing in life is perfect, but there is so much that is still very very wonderful.

Thanks for checking out the blog today, hope to see you all back again!!!

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