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This is the last post about Kraft-Tex, I promise.  For a little while, anyway….

So I had a chunk left from my last 2 projects here and here, that was just big enough to make something I’d been needing for awhile now. A paint palette in a booklet form.


I bought some Peerless Watercolor paints last May, but the paint is in fact,  just intense pigment on heavy paper.  So intense that you can’t actually know what the color is until you wet it with your brush and paint with it.  And intense enough that it easily rubs off on your hands when handling it.  Not actually all that convenient when stacked in little piles in a baggie.  If you know what I mean?  I did some online searches to see how other people were storing theirs, and decided what would work best for me is to store them like you see below.


The pages are approximately 6″x8″ and are meant for a pocket-style mini scrapbook.  The little bitty scraps of white water-color paper, with some paint on it are for a sample.  I still need to go back and write the color names on the backs of each paper.  But so far I’m quite pleased with how this all came together.



I looped the pages together with cord, cut a strip of heavy cardboard for the inside “spine” of the book, and bound it all with the two orange buttons.  All together now?  Awww, fer cuuute!!!

Now, more about the cover, which is sort of the point of this post!

So, it’s paint and gelatos, and stencils and stamps and fine tip marker on Kraft-Tex.  I treated it pretty much the same way you would watercolor paper.  Except this stuff is even sturdier than most watercolor paper!!


I started by stamping the argyle design.  Then I traced around a delphinium mask (at least I think it’s a delphinium), added the circle stamps, the fine text stamp and finally some stenciling with distress inks and a circle stencil and a Moroccan design.  Then I started to add some color.  I filled in the circles with gelato crayons which I thinned and painted with a brush and water.  Watercolor paints for the delphiniums(?), the random argyle pattern and for the light background colors.  I purposely added a LOT of water and color to a few spots and stood the cover upright so it would drip down.  The very last step was to add the handwritten quote – always a nerve-wracking effort.  I will practice and practice on scratch paper till I love the results and as soon as the pen hits the paper for real…it’s game over.


You guys!?

I’m seriously in love with this medium.  Kraft-Tex is so versatile and accepting of any technique that I know I’ll be dreaming up more ways to use it!  I hope you’ll give it a try too!  Thanks for stopping by today!

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