Latest and Greatest….part 1

What do you get  when you marry paper and fabric?  No, not the kind of serviettes that shred to bits in the washing machine….

The answer is Kraft-Tex!

And ohmygoodness you guys are gonna LOVE this stuff!!  The possibilities are endless!!  Lori gave me some in kraft brown and some in white and I have a couple of projects to show you today that I made with the kraft colored piece.  Check back for my next post to see the white Kraft-Tex made up.

kraftex12 So the first step is to wash and dry it.  I thought it would be to shrink it, but no, it came out the exact same size that it went in.  Perhaps it’s to rinse out some of the sizing that makes it stiff like VERY heavy card stock, and give it a bit of texture.  In some of the reading I did, I learned that this is the “material” that Levi’s uses to make their belt loop patches.  You can’t tear or fray it, and it looks like leather, but behaves like fabric.  SO cool.

This is before washing…


And after….kraftex11

The first thing I wanted to make were some Passport covers.  I used my passport to give me a general idea for size and then cut it with my rotary cutter.  Cuts like buddah.


Pretty easy to eyeball it, so precise measurements aren’t needed.  The main thing is to use a nice big quilting ruler to make sure all your edges are square.

I dug out this nifty set of metal alphabets for impressing into soft surfaces.  (Sorry, I don’t remember where or when I even got them.  And nothing on the tool gives it away either.  I did a practice run so I’d know how long the word would be, then did it again on the book cover, first tapping the letter onto my brown Stazon ink pad.



Before sewing it up, I opened the book cover flat, and did some easy stamping.  Brown Stazon ink again, with a Hero Arts travel stamp.  I then folded each side in and ran a stitch line around the top, sides and bottom, very close to the edge.

Next, I cut a piece approximately 9 1/4″ x 3″.  I used a rectangle die to cut a piece out of the front, but the same could very easily be done with a straight-edge and an Exacto knife.kraftex7Then I cut some acetate from a piece of packaging (I dug out of the garbage can), slightly larger than the window opening.  I tacked it inside with some adhesive so it wouldn’t shift while I sewed it in place.   I printed out an address label and cut it slightly smaller than the whole tag.

kraftex8I folded it in half and sewed around 3 edges, finishing with another stamp on the bag of the tag.  Scroll down for a photo of that.

Next, I cut a band 1″x9″ for the tag strap.


and scored the edged to make it easier to fold them in.


I stitched the strap together and cut a slit in the top of the tag and pushed the strap through.  I will be looking for a little watch buckle at the hobby store to join the strap together but for now, it’s sewn closed.



This project features basic stamping and simple sewing.  I have ideas though!  I want to try various ways to add color and jazz it up a bit more, but this was a good get-my-feet-wet, beginner’s project.  Lori has more Kraft-Tex on order, so be sure to getcha self some as soon as it arrives!!

kraftex13Remember to check back for my next post with more ideas and samples of Kraft-Tex!  Thanks for stopping by today!!

To order this product, just click here, and there is also an Kraft-tex idea book you can pre-order as well.

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