Welcome to my haunted home!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Today, I’m blogging about something personal and not scrappy related.  I thought I’d show you a part of my home and you get to see a bit more of “me”.   I love Halloween and everything about it.  I already like decorating and when it comes to the holidays, well, I go all out.  Some of the decorations you’ll see are home made, things I received in swaps and also store bought items.  I’ll say which is which as we go along.

I don’t just decorate indoors, but also outdoors as well.  Here are some of the pics from outside…





When you first step into my home, this is the first thing that you will notice..


The witch is store bought.  The sign was made for me for a swap I was in.  I wrote the “BOO”  One of my favorite decorations and love how it’s versatile so I can write different things on the chalkboard.

Next, you step into my living room and I’ll take you on a tour of all the decorative areas.  This is on one of the walls.  The shadowbox was made for me in a swap, the witch I found in a store and I fell in love with the apron when I saw it in Pier One.


On one of the end tables against the above wall, are all items that I bought.


Above this is the Halloween straw wreath I made and blogged about.  On another wall is this cute witches’ broom I found at Michaels.


Above the picture window is this banner that was made for me.  Think it goes perfect here and I love all the detailing.  Love home made items!


Here is a close up of the cute owl pillow I received from a friend and a stuffed owl I got at Pier One (LOVE that store!)


The other end table…  the phone I had to have because it looks vintage, but when you pick up the receiver, a spooky voice speaks and it has different spooky sayings.  Don’t know why, but it makes me giggle uncontrollably when I listen to it!


The living room table..


Above the cabinet…Most are store bought that’s up here.  I love potion bottles and can’t get enough.  The one in the middle was made for me by a very good friend who lives in California.


A close up of my Halloween tree (Pier One) and all the ornaments, but two, are hand made from a swap I was in.  Aren’t they amazing?!


My fireplace is in my dining room which is open concept to my kitchen.  I always decorate the mantel.  So here it is, Halloween style.  Everything is store bought except the banner.


Close up of the banner which is from another swap I was in.  I made the “A” in Happy.


Well, that’s the end of my tour.   I hope you had a spooktacular time.  I know I enjoyed showing it to you all.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!


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  • This is spectacular Jodi, everything looks amazing.  That owl is adorable.  You have received some very cool things in the swaps you are in.

  • Wow!!!!!   You really go all out.  It looks great.  My issue is, where would I store everything the rest of the year?

  • How awesome!!  You DO go all out!  I love it!!  I love the idea of the banner swap – where everyone makes a letter and you finish up with a whole banner that’s coordinated!!  Very cool!!

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