Not a science experiment…

Y’know how there are test tubes (full of like, BLUD and stuff) and then there are TEST TUBES!?

Lori gave me some of these to play with the last time I was at the store and all the way home I was itching to play with them!  There are a dozen more ideas in my head that didn’t get made yet, but what a fun, cute way to make a little treat package for someone special!


These ones went together quick and easy with a strip of burlap to wrap around, a couple of leaves, die cut from wood paper and foil paper, a stamped (Happy Fall Birthday) tag and some green jute.


This one could be made for any occasion and with ANY number of ways to finish it off.  I started with a fancy label die, cut the star paper with it, then wrapped it around the tube, and tied it up (or made it look like I had…I actually just used a glue dot to close the ends).  Then the cork star and a mini button.


Here’s where I really had fun though!  I found some instructions on Split Coast Stampers (and they can be modified to suit any size of tube) but the sizes posted there worked great for these tubes!  There’s even a cut file for these, if you scroll to the bottom of the page!   Can’t think how you could make this any easier than that!  As well, there are sizes for double, triple and quad tube holders!!  I didn’t actually have a Halloween themed stamp for the tag so I just hand-wrote a sentiment instead.


You can bet I’m going to be making more of these – after all, any occasion is a M&M’s-in-a-test-tube occasion!  I don’t see them listed in the store, but you ask Lori, I know she has them.

Thanks for stopping by today…hope you found some fun ideas!

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